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Back-end Development

Web development has a very wide range. Many layers can exist between the hardware and the end-user. In the past, people spoke of programmers or web developers. Nowadays, there are much more roles that participate in creating web applications, such as front-end developer, back-end developer, or even full-stack developer. In larger organizations, development teams will include hundreds of individuals and use common approaches like Agile methodologies. The back-end development is an inseparable part of it.

Back-end Development

Back-end development is the server-side of development where the main focus is on the web functionality. Where any work is performed on the server itself, in the client-server model, the client is generally called the front end, and the server is usually considered the back end. Users are unable to gain access to the backend of any program. 

The front-end development is more about the user interface. How a website looks like is the result of a front-end developer. However, how a website works is the result of a back-end developer’s work.

Back-end Developer

A back-end developer is a programmer who creates what is behind the scenes in web applications. Its’ primary work is coding in programming languages like Java, PHP, C#, or Python. These programming languages are used to build dynamic websites and are more concerned with the usability of a web application. A back-end developer is responsible for data collection, API development, and database management.

Technologies for Back-end Development

Choosing a technology that can help the growth of a project is one of the most important decisions to make. Well-chosen backend architecture will ensure scalability and operational speed. You should determine which one is best suited to the project’s specifications.

Some of the best leading back-end frameworks are Django (Python), Laravel (PHP), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), ExpressJS (NodeJS), Asp .NET (C#).

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