The changes that 2020 has brought have raised many questions and considerations for businesses and the IT market moving forward. When we released our first outsourcing report in May, we didn’t expect that we would still see the impacts we outlined less than a year later. The global pandemic and the modifications it brings with it have significantly impacted how business views outsourcing. It has changed from a well-known choice of minimizing financial outlays to an option for the rescue and survival of companies severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Applover is an agency that has been delivering outsourcing services for years. However, our observations and experience gained just during the last year made us analyze the state of offshoring a little bit broader and transfer our insights to a new report. We found that businesses partnering with us needed more than just technology. Our clients searched for partners that could help them manage the digital transition induced by COVID-19 and get back to work in a quick, seamless, and successful manner. 


The report on changed outsourcing services

During the changes that took place in 2020, we published articles on the changes taking place in outsourcing services. However, as an agency specializing in outsourcing, we found that preparing a report accumulating all the information and expanding it would be the best solution. The report we have created contains all the necessary information that can help you better understand the idea of outsourcing, the opportunities associated with it, leading trends, and growth predictions

Part of the report presents data and conclusions from a survey conducted with representatives of more than one hundred software houses. The primary respondents were mostly holders of C-level positions, acting as Delivery Directors, Management’s Partners, Project and Account Managers. According to our survey, 69% of respondents admitted that they have seen more outsourcing leads last year than in 2019. At the same time, 84% of participants claimed that clients changed their approach to outsourcing since the beginning of the pandemic. These and other statistics presented in the report cover the changes in the popularity of the outsourcing process along with the challenges faced by clients and the changes that are noticeable in business. 

Moreover, we have focused on presenting many issues related to offshoring digital services in the pandemic landscape. Reading the report, you can learn what costs are associated with outsourcing and how to prepare digital product specifications. If you ever wondered why every company should have an IT expert in their team and what remote team management tools you should know while outsourcing, our report may interest you. We also show the challenges of outsourcing AI and if and how to achieve operational agility. This is an analysis of how the outsourcing industry changed in 2020 and what might happen in the future.

From the report, you will learn:

  • how many companies see an increase or decrease in leads related to outsourcing
  • what is the cost of outsourcing IT services around the world
  • what tools are worth using when outsourcing
  • what you need to pay attention to while drawing a digital product specification
  • how to outsource effectively in the white label model
  • and much, much more.

Experts in outsourcing

To create a report about changes that the global pandemic has introduced in outsourcing services, we involved members of Applover’s team responsible for sales, marketing, technology, and project management. We also invited professionals from companies such as Da Vinci Studio, 4soft, and Boring Owl

Bartosz Robaszewski from 4soft, an IT firm that designs and implements blockchain innovations, raises the subject of achieving operational agility through outsourcing. Wojciech Bachta, CEO of Da Vinci Studio, specializing in IT services dedicated mainly to startups, considers whether AI outsourcing is the challenge of tomorrow on the shoulders of a subcontractor or not? In turn, Mateusz Kuba, Boring Owl representative of an IT firm, a business partner for startups and other companies interested in digital transformation, explains why every company should have an IT expert in their team. We wanted to bring together experts’ experiences representing different backgrounds and yet connected to the topic to present how the pandemic has changed outsourcing services from an as broad perspective as possible. 


The growing market share of outsourcing

In 2020, outsourcing IT services was a perfect solution for many companies in an urgent need of digital transformation, as it is still today during the global pandemic. Shifting gears now with the new outsourcing trends is crucial for companies to navigate the wave of change and emerge on the other side. Thus, I believe that thanks to our report, both owners of smaller companies and CEOs of larger ones will delve deeper into the topic of outsourcing and will relate the quoted issues to their environment. The report “How the global pandemic changed outsourcing services” is available for free download below. And, if you’re so inclined, please let us know what you think! 

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