How would you sum up 2021 at Applover? What were the biggest changes, shifts?

From my perspective, 2021 was a key year because I took over the position of CEO and became the person who controls the entire organization and is responsible for its development, success, strategies, and who has to deal with the main problems that it faces, as well as those that will be standing in a moment.

ceo of applover, piotr sędzik

I do not know what best describes whether a given app development company has been successful and whether something like that can be objectively assessed in one dimension. But I think one thing I’m especially proud of is the team, which are the people we’ve gathered around Applover. I don’t want this to sound cliche, but it really is. In 2021, we grew from 50 to over 100 people, i.e. twice. We have managed to build an organization on many levels that works well, is aware of its goals, the direction in which the company is developing, with its processes developed enough that, despite the double increase in the number of employees, it can operate effectively, and what is more – it operates even better than when there were fewer people. I am also happy that we have managed to delegate a significant part of areas in the company and transfer their management to our managers and leaders. In an organization built from 0, based on founders, involved in every area of ​​the company’s life, it was not easy, but necessary. Thanks to this, we can simply better achieve our goals. What is additionally pleasing is the fact that I see that the competencies of these people grow together with the organization, they develop, take responsibility, initiate actions.

Maybe it’s just my feeling, but I really think that I have managed to build a sense of influence on the organization and the direction in which it heads.

It is amazing for me to feel that we are building something really important, big, and meaningful here. The feeling that we are not one of several hundred software development companies in Poland. This feeling results also from the fact that we managed to collect under the Applover brand an extraordinary developers team. They are genuinely great people, real professionals, top tech experts in their fields who you want to work toward the common goal and who also believed that after this year the company is knocking on the door of the IT league and that is where it belongs. I am convinced that thanks to this we have reached a completely different level, which was unattainable for a long time.

What was the biggest challenge this year?

The biggest challenge for me personally was taking the helm and taking responsibility for the entire company in my new role as a CEO. 

For Applover as a company, the biggest challenge was to build a safe, stable, and growing organization despite a foreign, hardly predictable global situation. Adapting it and its processes to the growth we planned and to scaling the organization and putting it into practice was what we focused on last year.

What are you the proudest of after 2021?

I feel that our biggest accomplishment is the Applover’s team. As I mentioned earlier we grew to 102 people who are amazing experts in their fields, create our unique atmosphere, and want to cooperate towards our goals. Moreover, I am proud that scaling up twice has not resulted in worse efficiency. We are operating well, of course, a lot still needs to be improved but we are working towards it. We also managed to change the type of clients we work with as we are now developing digital products for much bigger brands, who trust us easily. We no longer develop simple MVPs in 2 months but focus on long-term projects where we can fully spread our wings. 

I must say that being recognized for the third time in a row by Deloitte Fast 50 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the CEE was also a proud moment, it is really satisfying when someone appreciates you, especially such a giant as Deloitte!

I am also proud that we started supporting Kinga Klimczak, the Polish Cadet Judo Champion. Giving back, especially to local sports professionals, is in our DNA.

So let’s discuss the plans for 2022, what are the main goals for Applover?

I imagine and plan that our digital agency at the end of 2022 is going to be a healthy, safe and secure organization with over 160 people involved in our projects, working with the best for the best, achieving results at the level of PLN 28-30 million in revenue, maintaining over 20% profitability. In addition, it is a place where people grow and develop with the company, their private career goals can be pursued there and are in line with Applover’s goals. People working here have an impact on the direction in which the company goes, how it develops, and how it achieves its goals. We want to further focus on Employer Branding and become a company that people want to work at. I would like to achieve something like that and keep your fingers crossed for it.


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What can we wish you for 2022?

You can wish me perseverance, consistency, and a bit of luck, and the rest will work out by itself in such an organization. Let’s keep the fingers crossed for our HR team as many recruitments are awaiting them! And, you can keep your fingers crossed for my running goals this year and no injuries during the training!