As Applover we operate globally and provide our services to companies worldwide from the very beginning. But local initiatives are also crucial for us. We want to appreciate our roots and as Piotr Sędzik mentioned, support of one of the local organizations was one of our goals for this year. Today we are pleased to announce that Applover has become an official sponsor of Kinga Klimczak, a 16-year-old Polish Cadet Judo Champion. She comes from Wrocław just like us and currently is associated with the Praesidium Club. We are honored to be able to assist Kinga in her pursuit of judo in Poland.

Our partnership with judo champion

Judo is one of the most prestigious and universal Olympic disciplines. However, this is not our first encounter with this discipline. Our founders, Piotr Sędzik and Jan Kamiński have been involved with the judo environment for many years, having participated in the sport themselves. Together with Kinga, we want to promote truthful sport and an attitude full of perseverance, so important for IT development.

We believe that together we share the best of judo. Friendship, honesty, sincerity, and courage are among the values encoded in the DNA of judo’s moral code. We have always emphasized the importance of dynamic development and that aiming at is essential for us. We like challenges. We enjoy working with each other, being proud to call ourselves friends. And most importantly, supporting women in their growth and development is as important in the IT sector as in sports. That’s why this cooperation seemed natural to us.

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Local initiatives, especially connected to sports in Wrocław, were always important for us. Personally, we were involved in them, but now we can support them as Applover. Common values of our company and judo were our main reason for supporting Kinga and rooting for her officially.

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Piotr Sędzik


The future of Polish judo – Kinga Klimczak

Kinga Klimczak has won five Polish Championship medals so far. She is the current Polish champion as well as the top-ranked female junior competitor. Kinga has before won many Polish Cups and was the first Polish woman to win a gold medal at International Children’s Games (known as mini-Olympics games under 13 years in Kowno). 

It is predicted that Kinga will be the future of Polish judo. She was just transferred to the KS Praesudium Wrocław team, combining tradition with new quality. Their common goal is for Kinga to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. And to win the medals, of course.

Yet, this is just the beginning and we are honored to be a part of this journey. Kinga, congratulations on your achievements so far. The next championship will be held on June 26. We keep our fingers crossed for your continued success!