Some say that working in a software development agency isn’t enjoyable. That it’s ruff stuff. I barely understand what these humans are talking about.

The thing I find most pleasant is a healthy work-life balance and making new friends along the way. And who works at Applover? Well, people come and go from companies, it’s unavoidable. But one thing doesn’t change.

I joined Applover as a Happiness Developer almost 4 years ago. My job is to make sure everyone is happy in the office (as I am) and that no single bite of food goes to waste. I have to say: it’s a full-time job, it’s extremely time-consuming, and it’s not as easy as it may appear to some people. But it’s worth it!

We’ve got that little secret ingredient that makes it all possible. That’s why today I’m going to give you a tour. Let’s taco ‘bout how Applover looks like from the inside!

We are never bored

For me, the job is truly fulfilling. Of course, the hardest part of the day is the morning and waking up. What keeps me motivated is the breakfast.

When I go to the office, usually I have some important meetings. The most important person who I need to catch up with is our Office Manager, Sylwia. I don’t know why her job description doesn’t say “dog treats supply manager” because she’s always responsible for feeding me with some delicious treats. It’s paw-some!

I use the Pomodoro technique to help me focus. It’s really simple: 25 minutes of a nap, 5 minutes of focused work (apparently best for Happiness Developers – but sorry, the position is taken). The part that makes it really fun is there are so many teams across Applover that have this smart expertise, and I get to spend time with these people.

Even some pup-arazzi took photos of me and made them into stickers. It looks good on the company’s hardware.

We like each other

The obvious thing is that I’m every human’s best friend. We could end there and move on 🐾.

But I like the energy here. It’s just someplace where I can never imagine myself getting bored or hungry. Of course, treats are nice too. There is always some talking and laughing around. I’m always taken care of and I am welcome to join during lunch (bone-appetite!). Everything is diverse and people are supportive! That’s very reassuring to be in a company where someone values you.

That makes it worthwhile for me to show up. I come here not regretting like “what’s gonna happen, I don’t want to be here”. Instead, I make sure that everyone will leave the office with smiles on their faces.

We can work from anywhere

Although the office in Wrocław is nice and every pet is welcome here, the freedom of doing the work from anywhere is even better! There’s no pressure to go to the office every day.

I love to catch some sun and waves at the seaside (although I still don’t understand why the water is salty). It’s the perfect place to spend some time. Combining this with my Pomodoro technique – what could be better?

There are so many others ways to work in a way that makes the most sense that I could go on and on… Yet, I still like the contact with all the humans at the company so I visit the office anyway. Taking care of each other is just what we do.

Don’t leave yet

Last but not leashed, I truly believe we have here a unique atmosphere. Even when working from the seaside, I feel it. So if you ever think about coming to our full-stack digital agency, you will have a good time and it’ll be a place where you’re welcome. We’re always looking for amazing people in the Applover team. But once you climb the career ladder here, bring treats with you. Have a spec-taco-ular day!