Listen to episode 4 of the podcast by Applover to get to know how IT solutions may support the values that the company provides to the market. You’ll also hear what are ‘superpowers’ that C-level managers consider the most important and what will be the most important directions of the development of digitization of the insurance sector in the coming years. Of course, in our podcast, we remember to ask how will health tech solutions change the insurance sector in the coming years and what challenges are we facing in its technological development. Furthermore – want to know, how to balance the demands of a C-level manager’s role with personal life and leisure activities and how to foster a work environment that promotes creativity and opportunity? You’re welcome!

Curious what else we talk about in this episode?

  • Why it is worth learning languages even at the lowest level?
  • How has multilingual ability contributed to professional success?
  • What are the challenges of exploring opportunities with IoT tools such as flood sensors?
  • How does experience in different business cultures influence an approach to leading a national branch of a big insurance company?
  • How can the management of the work and performance of employees be improved by IT solutions, particularly mobile applications?
  • How can IT solutions popularizing taking care of the health of each insured person affect the business results of insurance companies?

Listen to Omar Mendoza, experienced C-level manager and Managing Director at HDI Global México, interviewed by our podcast host, Jan Kamiński in episode 4.

What do HealthTech solutions and insurance premiums have in common?

If you collect data about your body condition in the mobile application associated with your health policy, the insurer knows whether you exercise, do not smoke, take care of good health, it is probably obvious that you should benefit from the insurance side – claims our guest.

Who’s who, but he knows what he’s talking about. He has an international executive with 24 years of solid experience in different Insurance Industry positions and countries. He has proven experience in underwriting, marketing, reinsurance, worldwide programs design and implementation, strategy, product launching, sales, brokers/agents networking, process, and administration so every minute is worth listening carefully. Are you looking for advice from an experienced professional on the topic of the creation and training of multicultural high-performance teams? That’s the place.

How can IT solutions affect the business results of insurance companies?

Omar Mendoza acknowledges the gap in technological advancement in the Latin American insurance sector. He mentioned HDI’s investment in technology to improve management, customer experience, and real-time risk measurement. One example is the development of flood sensors by the TH!NX division to reduce losses, he talks about in our podcast.

Management should possess emotional intelligence and humility. Emotional intelligence helps management be consistent and provide strong leadership in the middle of an ever-changing environment… Humility on the other hand helps management remember that no one can achieve great results by themselves.

Omar Mendoza, HDI Global Mexico

Why are emotional intelligence and humility so important in management?

Omar Mendoza believes that management should possess emotional intelligence and humility. He advocates for a flat organizational structure where the CEO is seen as just another team player with different functions. He emphasizes execution, spending 20% of his time planning and thinking creatively and 80% on execution. Furthermore, he values turning ideas into reality and learning from mistakes.

His experience in integrating various processes and operations within the company and working abroad has prepared him for his current role. Under the leadership of our guest, HDI Global México aims to increase its product range and segments and expand its geographic presence. The company is also implementing a strategy for the mid-sized market to handle a larger business volume with a lower scale of exposure. HDI Global México is exploring opportunities with IoT tools such as flood sensors and is working to provide additional services to its customers.

You will learn how his business and leadership experiences from the insurance sector influenced his person and approach to business by listening to the entire episode on