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Digital Advisory

Digital advisory refers to the use of digital tools and platforms to offer advisory services, such as financial or business advice. This is a growing field that aims to combine human expertise with advanced technology to deliver personalized, real-time advice.


The role of digital advisory in business consultancy


In the contemporary world, digital advisory is beginning to shape the way consultants engage with their clients and the solutions they deliver. As businesses are increasingly incorporating digital strategies in their operations, digital advisory undeniably plays a vital role in the future of business consultancy.


Digital advisory is already reshaping the consultancy landscape, resulting in significant improvements in service quality, efficiency, and turnaround times. It supports consultants throughout the consulting process, from client engagement to solution delivery. In particular, customized advisory services are expected to undergo considerable changes. Digital advisory platforms can assist in various areas: from project inception and planning to quality assurance and client satisfaction. In essence, the use of digital advisory in business consulting might boost productivity considerably.


Digital advisory and big data analytics


Big data analytics, a key aspect of digital advisory since its inception, is the process of examining large and varied data sets to uncover useful insights. This field offers immense help to consultants in overcoming a wide array of challenges in the consulting process. Big data analytics involves the examination and analysis of large datasets to draw meaningful conclusions. These analytics can make decisions based on data and also follow programmed instructions. They develop a model based on sample inputs.


Big data analytics is employed in scenarios where conventional analytical tools fall short, such as trend analysis, market segmentation, customer behavior analysis. One of the application examples can be Acme Corp, which uses big data analytics to recruit top-tier talent for its projects.


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