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About product

The application serves users to exchange money while caring for the environment. Pacific allows users to order cards that are eco-friendly because they created them from recovered ocean-bound plastic. With every use, the company donates 0.1% of every transaction with this card to cleanse the seas and oceans. The mobile application that we helped to develop serves to make money transfers between users and currency conversion. When you are registered as Pacific’s client you can also use their sales module to sell goods to other users. Cleansing oceans while shopping was never easier! 

The challenge

Our main challenge was the fact that the whole backend was on the client’s side. It was very difficult to work on a project like this and hard to handle in terms of development. It requires full transparency and good communication between Pacific and our team. We wanted to reduce the time needed for the development of a mobile application which is why we offered the client to develop it using the Flutter framework. 

Our goal was to make the application as easy to use as possible while maintaining the highest possible safety level – it’s a fintech product all in all. We wanted the clients to add their other credit cards, manage their personal information, and be able to send money to others even only by scanning the QR code. Moreover, easy integration with an already existing company profile with the user’s personal account was essential from the business point of view. 

Technological Solution

To develop both iOS and Android mobile applications we used the Flutter framework. It drastically reduced the needed budget and development time. The team used LottieFlies to create animations that enhanced the UX. Moreover, Java was used for the back-end development of the digital product. The cooperation with the client was remote and to collaborate more efficiently we used Mural. We improved the designs and discussed them using this tool. 

The selling module was an important part of our job, thanks to Mural we were able to create it easily. Companies are able to sell their goods in 3 categories: Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories. If users want to buy the goods from the Pacific’s platform they can use their Pacific account, different credit card, or BLIK transfer. 

Eco-friendly cards

Plastic that washes up on beaches is used to make Pacific payment cards. They also fund organizations dedicated to decontaminating the world's waters.

Effective workflow

First, we did a design audit and shared our knowledge to create the design. We worked with the client to build fresh mockups and layouts, then developed a mobile app.

Simple money transferring

Currency conversion is also available in the final version of the mobile app. Also, Pacific platform members may buy in the purchasing module to offer their company's items.

The outcome

After several months of intense cooperation with the Pacific team, we were able to deliver functional mobile applications developed with Flutter for both main systems – Android and iOS. Users now are able to transfer money while carrying for the oceans’ environment. We love such cooperations that bring digital solutions while improving the offline world!



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