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The Eko-logis offers disposal of waste and debris in containers, as well as sells and purchases the aggregates. The company was established in 2008 as a private Polish company and it remains so to this day. Step by step, thanks to the trust of the clients, they developed their business, constantly increasing the range of the services. Within 5 years Eko-logis have managed to achieve the leading position on the Wrocław market in terms of the export of virtually all types of waste (except municipal waste). The client approached us with a need for a custom development service – a CRM system that will increase the efficiency of the company’s management. 

The challenge

Our biggest challenge was to prepare 2 different digital products that will be highly intuitive even for non-technical people. Due to the structure of the company and the division of roles of people working in it, the project actually consisted of two parallel and connected digital products. One of them is a desktop application. Its users are mainly shippers/logisticians planning the daily work of the entire fleet. Their duties include contact with the customer, contact with drivers, order handling, route planning, control of the efficient execution of orders and many more. Modules for accounting and BDO service have also been added to the application, thanks to which, apart from shippers, it can also be used by other employees.

The second project is a mobile application aimed at the company’s drivers. The application is a kind of link between drivers and shippers. This means that in the application, the driver can find all the courses, in other words, the tasks to be completed on a given day. In addition to the tasks, all the data and information needed for their implementation are also included. The application also implements navigation to facilitate travel and minimize the need to switch between applications.


Development time

Technological Solution

The mobile app is written in MVVM with coroutines and flows. The local database is in Room, a single source of truth in repositories from DB (some command & query). We also used a Navigation Component as well as Viewbinding. CI is developed on GitlabCI with detekt and Kotlin. CD is on Firebase App Distribution delivered by Fastlane.

The web application was developed with the use of Electron JS, Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Sidekiq. The set of tools was adjusted according to the needs of our clients. The design was delivered in Figma, which is one of the favorite tools of our UX/UI Designers.

The outcome

As a result, we developed two functional digital products for internal use for Eko-logis. The applications work well, optimize the workflow and allow to save time, money and resources which is every entrepreneur’s dream! We had a pleasant experience cooperating with a local business and hope to see more projects in the future with such clients! All in all, making everyone’s work easier should be a common goal for everyone! 

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