We associate applications as programs that are installed mainly on phones and other mobile devices. Many users of new technologies do not know what web applications are. When opening a browser, many often cannot distinguish between applications and the website, while the former probably accompany them every day. The web apps you probably use every day are Wikipedia, Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft 365. What is a web app, and how does it differ from web pages?

What is a web application?

A web application is a system that works in a browser and is designed to provide a specific service. Web applications have a friendly and engaging interface. Web apps aim to provide users with specific services, solve problems, and achieve their originators’ business goals. Unlike some mobile apps, users need access to the network. However, some applications operate offline. In such cases, data storage is located in the browser’s memory, so there’s no need to connect to the network.

What are the main advantages of web apps?

Before we move on to the costs associated with creating a web application, let’s get to know its advantages.

What distinguishes web applications from mobile applications is that they run well on any device, regardless of its operating system version. From the client’s point of view, web applications also have a high business value. They enable collecting and analyzing data from users that can also be wisely used while planning marketing or selling campaigns.

Why build a web app?

When deciding to build a web app, you will need to choose one of three options. Each of them will differ significantly in terms of functionality and the final cost of the development. 

Native app development

It is an excellent choice to satisfy the most demanding users who value high performance and great design. In the development of native applications, it is necessary to develop separate products for each platform. These may include iOS, Android, Windows, AndroidTV, and many others. The total cost of creating applications for each platform will increase directly to the number of platforms.

Hybrid app development

With hybrid applications, there is no need to create separate products for each platform. Such an application’s cost is relatively low, but its quality is not high enough for some projects. Hybrid applications are perfect for MVP projects (minimum valuable product) or those it’s essential to quickly publish an application.

Web application development

Web applications differ from others. They can work on any device that has a built-in browser. It can be a smartphone, computer, smart TV, or intelligent fridge. The dynamic development of the Internet of Things (IoT) causes equally fast development of web applications.

The web application is convenient from a business perspective as well as for the user. It works on every device regardless of the operating system. In this context, web apps are much better than other systems.

What does the web app development process look like? 

We start our cooperation with every client with a brief. It is a document where we ask questions, allowing us to get to know your idea, expectations, and business goals. Based on this document, we can estimate the initial cost of the project. After that, we move on to the workshop process, which involves the development team, designers, and representatives of the client’s team. The workshop allows us to understand your idea and effectively start our work. In the next stages of web app development, our designers deal with UX and UI, crucial in software development, and extremely important for the project’s business success.

At Applover, each software development project is based on a proven and standardized process. You’ll find more information about it in our Process Book.

How to prepare for cooperating with a software development team?

While preparing for the web app development, consider which functions are a must-have and which you categorize as nice to have. This will make it much easier for you to talk with the software development team, which will evaluate your project based on several factors. You will be able to decide whether your budget allows you to introduce all the features at once or whether you want to implement them later. 

What will affect web app pricing?

As in the case of applications prepared for iOS, Android, or written in Flutter, the application’s final cost will depend primarily on the construction of the application, requirements, business objectives, and functionality that it should have. What factors can directly influence the final cost of a web app?


The complexity of your project, the number, and desired functionalities determine the application’s final cost. That is why it is essential to consider which functions are vital.


This point may not seem obvious, but it may significantly affect the final development cost in some cases. The more specific your business niche, the more difficult it is for specialists to understand. Therefore, they will spend more time on research and development, which will increase project costs.


If your product needs to be developed in a short time, it will increase the development costs. Developers will have to work more intensively. Such a situation requires more effort or a bigger team.


To create a web application, it is necessary to involve specialists such as project managers, UX/UI designers, web developers, and the QA team. Cooperation with such a qualified team will give you the certainty of the project’s high quality, but at the same time will increase the final cost of the development. 

Future support

Remember that creating applications is only the first step on the way to monetizing them. You will need specialists who will check and react to any irregularities related to its operation in the future.


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What’s the final cost of developing a web app?

Applover’s headquarters is located in Wroclaw, Poland. Our location directly affects the cost of living and determines the rates. The work of our developers is valued at 320 to 480 dollars per person day. The final price of a web application development consists of many factors mentioned above. However, the average development cost oscillates around 50 000 Euros.

Web app development at Applover

We approach each project individually, but our cooperation with the client is based on a proven process that enables effective operation and meeting deadlines. At Applover, web app development includes the project manager, web developers, designers, and QA (quality assurance) team. Thanks to cooperation with an experienced team, you can count on the final product’s high quality at the end of the development process.