Since January 2016 our team has grown up significantly. From 4 members to a team of more than 20 developers, project managers, designers and testers. This required a lot of recruiting, but we’ve had not much knowledge about recruitment and employer – employee relation at that time.

So we started to wonder – what software house should look for in developers?

At the beginning we were considering mostly skills and knowledge. But that may be quite a pain while scaling up – when you build a team you want people who can take care of themselves and does not require a lot of attention – this is very important since it gives you more time to focus on development, company and clients than on problems with your employees.

So it quickly became our third requirement. What more? Good skills in teamwork, self-reliance, being sociable (in fact it’s pretty rare in programmers society, but makes things simple!), and many more. Then, we crashed with the market. There are not many programmers that are looking for a job. In fact there is pretty big shortage of programmers in IT business – especially a good ones and it’s extremely hard to find someone with all those attributes you are looking for. That makes you hire people about whom you are not sure about.

But hiring proper people is not the end of the whole process.

We learned that when you hire people it’s also yours obligation to teach them, work with them, make them feel like a part of a company and feel good with people they are working with. In this way form a team that fits into company’s requirements and try to find the best values that each individual can bring to your organization.

Right now we are looking for individuals, who have no problem to cooperate, are communicative and brave enough to challenge you, hungry for knowledge and with passion for whatever they’re doing.

In the end we are glad to work with people we have, we know we have their support when it’s needed. Everyone is different, but the common factor is a passion for IT.

If you have at least one of the attributes mentioned in this short text? Feel free to apply! –