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Media Carrier Solutions GmbH is a global leader in providing modern marketing and customized digital content distribution. Their core product, Media Box, is a digital media library that offers a diverse range of premium newspapers and magazines from around the world for users to download and read online or offline. Media Carrier Solutions serves over 500 luxury hotels, first-class airlines, airports, and other mobility companies, catering to their guests’ news and entertainment needs. Based in Munich, the company continues to expand its worldwide presence and enhance its digital offerings.

The Challenge

Media Carrier Solutions approached us seeking team extension services to support their front-end and back-end development efforts across multiple internal projects. Their expectations included upgrading their Angular version, fixing bugs, and creating new modules for their front-end, as well as updating their .NET framework and improving various aspects of their back-end application.

Jagoda, account manager at applover
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Media Carrier Solutions is an example of ideal communication and international partnership in the IT market. The collaboration has been growing since September 2022 and brings a lot of value to both parties. Thanks to the relationship between us, we are building a team that can prove the value of Applover on a daily basis.

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Account Manager


Development time

Technological Solution

Our team collaborated closely with Media Carrier Solutions to address their development needs, working on both front-end and back-end enhancements:

Front-end development:

  • We overcame the challenge of upgrading Angular by identifying and resolving dependency issues and updating incompatible code.
  • We improved application security and introduced a code standard to reduce future errors.

Back-end development:

  • We successfully updated the framework to the latest .NET 6 version and upgraded the necessary libraries for migration.
  • We implemented ExceptionHandling to log errors to the cloud and addressed existing application errors.
  • We improved code quality across the application, refactored SQL queries, added new functionalities in services, and optimized naming conventions.
  • We updated the CI/CD configuration to include a new environment and deploy after merging.

Technological solution

Media Carrier
Media Carrier

The Outcome

Our ongoing partnership between Media Carrier Solutions and the development team was highly successful, resulting in significant improvements in maintenance of the company’s digital media library. This has enabled Media Carrier Solutions to manage and maintain their digital media library more efficiently and securely that better serves their news and entertainment needs.

Thanks to the strong bond between our teams, we have been able to build a cohesive unit that showcases Applover’s value on a daily basis. With our combined efforts, Media Carrier Solutions’s digital offerings continue to evolve and cater to the needs of its diverse clientele.

Meet our team!

Jagoda, account manager at applover


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Wojciech Nowicki



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