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Online platform helping students grades K-12 build financial literacy and positive social behaviors.

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ClassEquity is an online platform helping students grades K-12 build financial literacy and positive social behaviors. The web app consists of both a teacher and student side and allows students to open their own type of a bank account. Thanks to the application they can practice earning, saving, and spending in a low-risk environment. Students apply online for classroom jobs that the teacher has preset. These applications are sent to the teacher, who then hires students and sends salaries for their job. Students can spend that salary in the class store but have real-world expenses to be mindful of, such as rent for their desks and utilities for classroom space. Teachers can easily send bonuses, fines, rent, and salaries from their accounts. After a teacher has sent a transaction, the student deposits it on their side, providing a real financial experience. When teachers set up an account, they are offered to start right away with our suggestions but are able to fully customize their settings at any time so that they can fit their classroom needs.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was to adapt the application architecture to scale it to a larger number of users. Previously, the application was successful but only for several hundred users. The obstacles were encountered when the number of users to be managed reached several thousand. Therefore, the application had to be rewritten to adapt it to a higher level.

The app users were another challenge. In addition to the teachers who manage the class, there are also students there. They are k12 kids, so generally, teenagers – one of the most challenging target group. For this reason, the application had to be as user-friendly as possible, so they can use it without any problems.

What is more, the switch of the entire database from the old application to the new one was a difficult part of our work. In short – all users, all their data, and the history of activities that they performed had to be transferred from the old platform to the new one. Due to the differences in the data structure, a lot of unwanted things could have happened, but in the end, it went very smoothly and without any problems for users.

szymon, project manager at applover
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It was a great opportunity to work on such a fascinating product. What I loved the most, was how both the Applover team and the client were highly engaged and devoted to the development process. It was indeed a pleasure and I’m happy we can continue further improvement of the application.

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Project Manager at Applover


Back-end development time


Front-end development time

Technological solution

The app was built in Javascript library – React with Typescript. The project has lovely design, where we can find a quilt related elements and one of powerful thing that has React is possibility reuse that components and we can add something else what we need to each components.

To build design we decided use library – Material UI, because like React is based on components and they work very well together. For statement management we used Redux. Except that in project we can find a lot of interaction modules (like calculation or drag and drop etc.).

The web API of the application was based on Python language with FastAPI framework, combining swift development with flexibility of implementation. We used a PostgreSQL database, wrapped with SQLAlchemy to manage the data access.

Technological solution


The outcome

The results of the project are very satisfying for the client, for us and for the users. Currently, all active users are migrated to the new platform and use it on a daily basis. They really enjoy its appearance and operation. Now the application is in the phase of minor improvements and implementation of ideas from users.

Meet our team!

szymon, project manager at applover


Project Manager

Maciej Sobczak Back-End Developer


Back-end Developer

Kamil Duliniec Front-end Developer


Front-end Developer

Marcin Sawicki Back-end Developer


Back-end Developer

Adam Sawicki Back-end Developer


Back-end Developer

Grzegorz, UX/UI Designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

Elzbieta Kubicka UX / UI Designer


UX / UI Designer

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QA Specialist

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Katie GraceyCo-Founder & CTO, Class Equity
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We’ve had complete trust in Applover, however, as they’ve put in so much work to understand what we’re trying to do. All their suggestions and changes are right on the mark. We have a true partnership with them.

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