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Family Section arose from the needs of the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia where the sale of homemade food is very popular. The application is intended to act as a platform for families to share the dishes cooked by them with their potential customers. The families can add self-made meals there and the consumers, on the other hand, can easily find those households in their neighborhood. Until then, such advertisements could only be found on Facebook. It makes our client’s solution very innovative.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for us as the software development providers was to seal and structure the entire process which was quite smooth and dependable on many different portals and platforms, like Facebook for example. Thanks to the solutions we implemented now the payment processes are available and clear, as well as the contact with providers and the prices that differ according to the particular dish. 

The second challenge but also an interesting experience for us was the fact that the application had to be written in the Arabic language which uses right-to-left scripts. That was something new for us as we’re used to dealing with the opposite system. For that reason, we had to apply some methods that allowed us to mirror all elements in the final version.

szymon, project manager at applover
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The biggest challenge for us as the software development providers was to seal and structure the entire process which was quite smooth and dependable on many different portals and platforms, like Facebook for example.

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Project Manager at Applover


Development Time

Technological solution

Our client wanted to release the MVP of their product on the market as soon as possible so the development phase had to be done quickly. The final app was intended to be used mostly on mobile devices. For that reason, we decided to use Flutter and RubyOnRails. Thanks to Flutter we were able to create the app both for iOS and Android platforms, and the fast RoR allowed us to keep up with the pace of the frontend development. Two crucial technological solutions that we managed to implement in this project were as follows:


  • creating a chat for users – to implement this feature we decided to use the web_socket_channel package in combination with REST API. The user sends the message using POST. Using REST helps in detecting whether a message has been delivered or not. If the message hasn’t been delivered, the user has the option of resending the message. If the message has been delivered, the user is informed about it by changing the color of the chat. Messages are delivered via WebSockets which makes the chat live without any delays. As a result, the user who ordered the food has the opportunity to talk to the family that is preparing the food.
  • SMS verification with Firebase – because of some specific conditions that prevented us from implementing standard solutions, we had to find out a custom one to enable this functionality. We decided to use the firebase_auth plugin in this case. Here, sending and all SMS management is performed on the frontend side. However, everything works similarly to other Firebase authentication.

Technological solution

Ruby on Rails

The outcome

As the outcome of our collaboration with the Family Section, we have created an MVP for a mobile app available on Google Play and AppStore. The platform is a perfect medium between the families preparing meals and the consumers. The most unique in the idea of our client is the fact that it’s not a typical delivery app working with restaurants. Here the customers can order food that is not available anywhere else!

Meet our team!

szymon, project manager at applover


Project Manager

julia ux/ui designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

michal nowak backend developer


Back-end Developer

Michał, Flutter Developer at Applover


Flutter Developer

Kamil, flutter dev at applover


Flutter Developer

Krzysztof Kundys QA Specialist at Applover


QA Specialist

Naif AlotaibiCEO, Family Section
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Applover successfully built and delivered a professional and fully-functioning app, much to the client's delight. The team was highly responsive, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with their communication skills.

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