Mobile and web applications for the young generation, who want to invest in the real estate market

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Bricknest’s goal is to transform the real estate market in line with these principles, redefining the traditional property ownership model into an accessible and sustainable opportunity for younger generations.

Bricknest enables many people to own and use real estate with a view to sustainable development, work-life balance, green lifestyle, and solidarity. The project aims to give investors the freedom to use the property as they see fit – either for self-use (such as leisure) or rental purposes. The foundation of this approach is the decentralization of the shareholder register dedicated to companies owning real estate. Each token corresponds to one night’s stay on the property. Every year, token owners have a right to claim their stake for personal use or take a profit from the property instead.  

The challenge

The challenges we had to overcome were the fight to protect the environment, prevent ineffective energy consumption and recycle our possessions. Many have met this challenge by using the sharing economy model, rather than having a single owner. Bricknest combines real-world investments with the power of blockchain and makes real estate investments accessible to more people.

Taking into account the current state of the real estate market, another design challenge is to enable the young generation to invest and own holiday properties.

Bricknest solves this problem by enabling people to invest in such properties through crowdfunding, democratizing real estate ownership, and creating an investment model accessible to everyone. With Bricknest, real estate investment doesn’t require large down payments or involve any significant financial commitments. The solution is tokenizing real estate following a simple model based on blockchain technology. The challenge for us while developing the Bricknest application was also to enable the end-users and investors access to all the features it had to contain, as well as to provide the best user experience practices.


Development time

Technological Solution

Thanks to the use of Blockchain technology, Bricknest utilizes two types of tokens, both of which use the Ethereum network and ERC-20 protocol (even though they play different roles). Resort Tokens will be issued for each resort separately and used as security for the property. Tokens are linked to capacity in real estate through the company that owns them. The token pool is closed and increasing it is impossible. Many Resort Tokens will be created during the project, but they will not be related to each other. Another is Bricknest Coin which is an additional layer that connects the network of properties and outlines the common goals and values of the client’s community. The token will serve as a currency within the network.

Bricknest will provide a cross-platform application with access through:

  • iOS and Android mobile devices (Flutter)
  • Web browser access (Vue.js)
  • Back-end written in Ruby on Rails and Node.js

The application offers access to the most important functions, which are:

Wallet: the application allows to safely keep tokens and supports additional functions saved in a smart contract,

Token Exchange: The application allows buying and selling resort tokens. Due to the low volume and uniqueness of tokens, the exchange operates on the basis of the P2P mechanism, i.e. direct transactions between community members.
Booking: The application allows booking accommodation, and additional services on-site, such as bikes, banyas, sports equipment, etc.,

​​Finances: Users can control the financial history and ROI in individual resorts, determining the form of the dividend directly in the app.,

Community: The community part where users are encouraged to share their experiences and jointly decide on new destinations and development opportunities for the Bricknest network.

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