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Team Extension

Blending technology is critical for competitive industries that depend heavily on software or are led by technology. IT outsourcing involves the delegation of various IT tasks, functionality, and solutions to another organization. Finding skilled software developers to scale the product can be difficult. 

Team Extension

When applying talent or unique skill set to an established team, companies often face challenges. If you are unable to find the right talent locally and hiring new team member simply takes too much time while you are rushing to develop new features in the software development process and expand your company, team extension is the service for you.

Team extension model meets the demands of today’s business world, whether the professionals are hired by a big corporation or a small startup. It’s about supplementing the current internal development team with a lacking capability set while maintaining technical competencies entirely in-house. An additional team of programmers supports the project.

Benefits of Team Extension

When people believe a bigger benefit will come from the cooperation, they prefer to get together. Consider the company’s purpose, culture, and potential project difficulties when choosing the right partner for your software development project.

The most significant benefit of team extension is that the whole project remains controlled by you – new developers supplement your current team. Also, it improves contact with your employees as by team extension the whole team contributes to the development of strong coordination and feels similarly responsible for it.

Building a team of experts in an organization is a time-consuming and costly operation. It is often preferable to use available external IT outsourcing services. You could consider nearshore or offshore in Eastern Europe, but it comes with some ups and downs.

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