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iOS Development

iOS development is nothing more than the process of creating applications for Apple’s mobile operating system, used in devices such as iPhone and iPad. The software is written in the Swift or Objective-C programming language. The applications are then deployed to the App Store, from where Apple users can quickly download the applications of their choice, to their device. While in some ways, the app operating system shares many similarities with other types of software, it is separated by several significant differences. 

What will make iOS different?

Both Swift and Objective-C are languages rarely used outside the Apple ecosystem. What’s more – Swift programming language was developed by Apple specifically for iOS. While not all iOS apps need a mobile connection (Sketchbook is an example), all mobile apps require a connection to be instantiated and perform updates. Also, while Android is open-source, using iOS requires the use of Apple equipment. 

Although iOS is less customizable than Android – it is the number one operating system for corporate applications. iOS also requires app developer to have some niche skills especially in navigation. 

iOS can be successfully used in industries such as media, MedTech, FinTech, EdTech, etc. 

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