In the 22nd episode of the Keep IT Healthy Podcast, we delve into the fascinating world where computer science, synthetic biology, and engineering principles converge. We discuss future possibilities and address vital global challenges.

Our guest, Karolina Sulich, a Research Assistant at NY Tandon School of Engineering, talks about the groundbreaking science of synthetic biology, highlighting its critical role in revolutionizing user experience, climate change mitigation, and beyond.

Given Karolina’s unique blend of expertise in biotechnology, project management, and design, anticipate an in-depth analysis of how the power of microbes and synthetic biology is leveraged for a sustainable future. This episode emphasizes the cross-disciplinary aspect of synthetic biology and digs into the ethical considerations that accompany it, providing insights into biology’s capabilities in reshaping our world.

Exploring Synthetic Biology with Karolina Sulich

Synthetic biology is an example of interdisciplinary collaboration, synthesizing biology, engineering, and computer science, and Karolina Sulich exemplifies this integration in her professional life.

Karolina’s work at NYU Tandon School of Engineering integrates multiple scientific and technological sectors. She has worked in biotechnology, digital project management, and UX/UI design. Her work at Elizabeth Hanaff’s lab, combined with her previous experiences as a Fulbright Scholar and a senior project manager in the biotech industry, provides a solid foundation for exploring synthetic biology’s numerous applications. 

We will explore Karolina’s perspectives on how synthetic biology applications can enhance environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation and transform user experience in the digital realm. Her comprehensive approach, founded on the ideals of sustainability, agency, and responsibility, provides a unique perspective on the ethical and practical consequences of this cutting-edge profession.

Synthetic Biology and User Experience (UX)

When user experience design and development meet synthetic biology, a new area of innovation opens up that changes how we connect with technology and nature. 

This episode discusses the exciting ways synthetic biology affects UX and shows how biological systems and digital displays might work together in the future. Karolina Sulich has extensive experience in biology and UX/UI design, so she can give you a great view of how things are changing. She shows how synthetic biology can make tools smarter, faster, and more flexible, completely changing how we design things. 

Developers and designers are increasingly harnessing the capabilities of natural biological systems and synthetic life to craft user experiences that are more intuitive, efficient, and eco-friendly. This method, which comes from different fields, has much potential. When people use this approach, their interactions with technology can be as flexible and changing as biological systems themselves.


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