Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Whether you’re a player, an expert, or a sports fan, something is exciting waiting for you in episode 14 of our podcast. Join us as we sit down with Andreas Gschaider, the CEO and Founder of B42, to unravel the story behind the revolutionary sports tech training app and the business changing the game.

Jan Kamiński, Applover & Andreas Gshaider, B42

A Passionate Player Turned to Tech Entrepreneur

Andreas Gschaider’s journey from a dedicated police officer to a soccer enthusiast is a tale of passion meeting purpose. His love for the game and desire to preserve it for future generations led him to create B42 in 2017. Gschaider’s vision is clear: inspire and enable ambitious football teams, coaches, and players to have their best possible season, every season.

B42 Innovation: More Than Just Goals

For B42, the best possible season goes beyond scoring goals on the pitch. It’s about setting and achieving new goals as a team, as a coach, and as an individual player. The app’s mission is to help and enable users to write their own success stories, whether it’s topping the league, recovering from an injury at home, or avoiding relegation. The key? Defining goals, believing in them, the best performance and never losing focus.

Podcast Episode Highlights:

In our conversation with Andreas Gschaider, we delve into the background, data, sports technology, challenges, and business opportunities that shaped B42 into the sports tech powerhouse it is today.

From PDFs to App: The Evolution of B42 Technology

Gschaider’s initial foray into the soccer training involved selling PDFs and conducting workshops. Learn how personal experiences and changing circumstances led to the launch and evolution of B42 from a startup into a comprehensive soccer training app in 2020.

B42’s Product Unique Selling Points

Find the app’s major advantages, including individualized training that empowers every sports fan to analyze, maintain, and improve their skills even during time of breaks, such as the enforced hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navigating Global Challenges during the Pandemic   

Discover how B42 adapted to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, turning digitization into a solution to maintain players’ motivation and engagement in amateur soccer.

Team Connection and Support

Get insights into the B42 team, its size, and the significant support Gschaider received from prominent experts like Oliver Schmidtlein, a former physiotherapist for FC Bayern Munich and the German national soccer team.

Future Vision for B42

Gschaider shares his vision for B42, envisioning it as a leading player in the DACH region’s sports app market within a year. Learn about his smart plans for technological advancements and market presence.

The Impact of Being Apple’s “App of the Day”

Hear about the moment B42 was recognized as Apple’s “App of the Day” not once, but twice, and the subsequent impact it had on the app’s popularity.


As we wrap up this exciting episode, you’ll gain the latest insights into the world of soccer training, the challenges amateur players face, and the innovative solutions B42 brings to the table. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be inspired and enabled by Andreas Gschaider’s professional journey and the impact of B42 on the global sports tech industry. 

Tune in now and kick off your best season yet!