Are you a tech enthusiast, a sports performance aficionado, or simply a professional intrigued by the core body temperature matters? If so, our upcoming podcast episode around thermoregulation in sport, featuring the extraordinary Chris Blomfield-Brown is an absolute must-listen (and share).

We’re excited to announce: a multi-disciplinary engineer, seasoned entrepreneur, and dedicated athlete. He’s traveled incredibly through various domains, including biometrics, race car engineering, software development, and sports performance data analysis. His relentless competitive spirit doesn’t just shine in the workplace; it’s also evident in his representation of Australia several times in the World Amateur Championship while out on his bike. Perhaps it was then that the idea of examining the relationship between warming and sports results was born.

Chris Blomfield-Brown Reveals The Secrets of Sports Performance, Core Body Temperature and Biometric Innovation

The Physical Performance Show

Chris served as the Performance and Technology Lead at Core Body Temperature. In this role, he played a pivotal part in developing cutting-edge products using the devices to assist athletes in measuring their core body temperature, offering invaluable insights to enhance their physical performance. The technology has even been used in world cycling, including the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where athletes and teams leveraged these devices for heat acclimation strategies.

Core Body Temperature Technology Lead

Chris also contributed significantly to the business development of CORE, which became the pioneering product to showcase the technology and usher in a new era of sensor innovation. The core body temperature sensor technology, now known as CALERA, has the potential to be embedded in various devices like watches and medical patches, enabling continuous and non-invasive measurements of core body temperature.

Around Thermoregulation in Sport

Beyond his impressive professional journey, Chris is an adventurer at heart. He spent several years sailing to remote regions around the globe, an experience that has enriched his worldview and perspective on life. An avid cyclist and representative of Australia in the World Amateur Championship, Chris’s love for thermal sensors, sports performance, and data analysis has been the starting bonus and the driving force behind his professional pursuits.

Devices to Assist the Athletes

Chris’s insights into the relationship between heat training and increased hemoglobin levels in the body have had a significant impact on the world of sports science. His research suggests that training in heat can result in higher hemoglobin levels, which, in turn, can enhance athletes’ ability to distribute oxygen to working muscles, thereby improving performance even in cold conditions.

This theory is further supported by independent research conducted by Scandinavian sports scientists in 2020, demonstrating the tangible benefits of heat training on lactate threshold power output and mean power output in athletes.

What to Expect in the Expert Edition Podcast?

In our podcast episode with Chris Blomfield-Brown, you can look forward to delving into a multitude of fascinating topics:

1. The underlying technology behind Core Body Temperature’s devices and how they stand out in monitoring systems with their annoying cords or earbuds.

2. The crucial role of heat acclimation strategies in enhancing athletes’ performance, leading into Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

3. Chris’s transition from motorsports engineering to a sports technology company, who build world class biometric sensors for athletes.

4. How his personal experiences as an athlete have shaped his professional journey, and how does his competitive nature show.

5. His visionary perspective on the future of sports technology, its access, and its potential to revolutionize the way athletes train and compete.

6. Exploring the wider applications of Core Body Temperature’s technology, beyond the realm of sports, in fields like healthcare.

7. Insights into entrepreneurship and invaluable content to share for those aspiring to launch and manage their tech companies.

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