As 2023 draws to a close, we at Applover are excited to share the strides we’ve made this year.  The past twelve months have been a testament to our resilience, innovation, and the collective spirit that drives us. 2023 was a year of significant achievements, a year that deserves to be looked back upon with pride and forward to with excitement.

As we delve into the milestones and challenges of the past year, we also cast our gaze forward to 2024. What lies ahead for Applover? How will the insights and experiences of 2023 shape our journey in the new year? Let’s embark on this reflective journey together and discover what the future holds for Applover.

Milestones & Achievements in 2023

The year 2023 was a leap forward for Applover in the healthtech arena. We expanded our horizons by creating a Machine Learning (ML) department, a move that underscores our dedication to cutting-edge technology and innovative healthcare solutions. This new department isn’t just about expanding our skill set – it’s about deepening our commitment to developing solutions that are as advanced as they are impactful in the healthtech industry.

This year was also sprinkled with moments of pride and recognition. Notably, Applover was honored in the Clutch 1000 list, recognizing us as one of the Top 1000 Global Service Providers for our exceptional service and client commitment. Additionally, Applover ranked 13th among Polish companies in the “FT 1000” ranking by the Financial Times, celebrating our rapid growth and entrepreneurial spirit. We were also honored with the Puls Biznesu “Gazele Biznesu” Award, highlighting our position as a dynamic force in the business world. These accolades reflect not just our financial achievements but also our commitment to excellence and innovation in the digital space.

We took an exciting turn as we joined the ‘AI in Health’ Coalition in Poland. This collaboration aligns us with like-minded innovators committed to transforming healthcare through Artificial Intelligence. Being part of this coalition isn’t just about being at the forefront of technology; it’s about actively contributing to a future where healthcare is more efficient, effective, and accessible.

One of our most significant accomplishments was achieving the ISO 13485 certification. This milestone is not just about meeting high standards; it reflects our commitment to delivering quality, especially in the medical software and devices arena. Furthermore, our alignment with HL7 standards reinforces our dedication to seamless interoperability in healthcare technology. These achievements are crucial in solidifying our promise to our clients: delivering excellence that meets the most rigorous of standards.

Client Experience Redefined

In 2023, we took a significant step towards enhancing software security by fully integrating DevSecOps practices. This approach embeds security protocols from the first line of code, ensuring that every piece of software we develop is functional, user-friendly, and robustly secure. It’s more than just a change in methodology, as it represents our commitment to creating digital solutions that clients can trust implicitly in an era where cybersecurity is paramount.

This year also saw the birth of our Business Analysis (BA) department, marking a strategic evolution in our approach to client engagements and digital advisory. By transitioning from traditional sales roles to a more analytical, problem-solving approach, we’ve elevated the quality of our service offerings. This shift ensures that we’re not just selling a product but profoundly understanding and addressing our client’s unique challenges. The new BA department is at the heart of this transformation, ensuring that every solution is tailored to our client’s specific needs and goals.

We redefined client experience at Applover by establishing a dedicated Account Department. This move aimed to create a more structured, efficient, and personalized Client Experience process. Our focus has been on nurturing long-term client relationships, understanding their evolving needs, and ensuring that every interaction with Applover adds value. We believe in building partnerships that are as enduring as they are fruitful.

Operational Excellence

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we introduced customized workshop options. This move allows for a more targeted, client-specific approach, ensuring that each workshop is not just a procedural step but a valuable collaborative experience. By tailoring our workshops to each project’s unique needs and goals, we’ve ensured that our planning and brainstorming phases are more than just meetings – they’re incubators for innovative, client-focused solutions.

To pursue comprehensive excellence, we launched the “Keep IT Healthy Podcast,” hosted by Jan Kamiński, Co-Founder and CSO of Applover. This initiative underscores our commitment to improving healthcare delivery through IT solutions. The podcast is a platform for experts making strides in technology and healthcare, discussing how digital innovation can optimize health, well-being, and fitness.

The “Keep IT Healthy Podcast” has featured diverse voices like Jaime Cervantes, who discusses the humanistic approach to leadership, and Andreas Gschaider, who shares insights on kicking off the best season yet. Each episode aims to unlock new perspectives on health and technology, from managing health data and preventive care apps to real-time monitoring and personalized healthcare.

Another key focus this year has been on Tech Excellence, a cornerstone of our operational strategy. At Applover, the best decisions are those backed by solid data. Therefore, we’ve committed ourselves to a data-driven approach in all aspects of our operations. By closely monitoring specific metrics and KPIs, we ensure that every decision, whether it’s project management, resource allocation, or strategic planning, is informed, effective, and aligned with our goals of delivering top-tier digital solutions.

Internal Communication & Culture

We strongly emphasized enhancing internal communication, recognizing it as the backbone of a thriving company culture. We initiated a series of direct conversations between team members and our leaders. This approach has democratized communication within the company and fostered a culture of openness and transparency. By encouraging these direct interactions, we’ve ensured that every voice is heard and every idea is valued. This initiative has been instrumental in building trust and understanding across different levels of the organization.

This year also marked the significant expansion of platforms like Applover’s Corner and Applover’s EDU. Initially implemented within specific teams, Applover’s EDU has now been introduced company-wide, reflecting our commitment to continuous learning at every level. This transition has transformed it into a dynamic, organization-wide learning platform, offering extensive opportunities for professional growth and skill enhancement across all departments.

Applover’s Corner, similarly, has become a staple for team engagement, where members from various departments come together to share insightscelebrate successes, and discuss challenges. Together, these platforms are more than just communication forums – they are vibrant spaces for knowledge sharing, learning, and personal development, reflecting our belief that continuous learning and open communication are essential to both personal and organizational success.


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What’s coming for Applover in 2024?

As we look back on 2023, we’re filled with a sense of pride. It’s been a year where we, as a team at Applover, embraced new challenges, achieved significant milestones, and continued to forge a path of excellence and innovation in the tech world.

But what truly excites us as we reflect on the past year is what we’ve achieved and what these achievements enable us to do moving forward. Each milestone is a stepping stone to new opportunities, each challenge a lesson to grow from, and each success a reminder of what we can accomplish together.

As we turn the page to 2024, we carry with us the lessons, experiences, and successes of the past year. We’re targeting a 20% growth and contribute even further to the HealthTech sector. We remain committed to our mission of delivering top-tier digital solutions, driving innovation, and fostering a culture where every team member can thrive. We’re excited for the future and grateful to our clients, partners, and the Applover team for making this journey possible and genuinely remarkable.

Here’s to continuing our journey with the same passion, commitment, and excellence that have brought us this far! ✨