The MedTech industry has been developing over the past several years, especially after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nowadays, IT companies are competing to invent newer and more creative products for that sector. What exactly does the MedTech industry do, and how is it different from healthtech – with which it is often confused – you can learn from our previous article. What are the key MedTech trends to watch in 2022? See 6 innovative medical ideas that we chose to present to you.

Brain Robotics Affordable Prosthetic Hand

One valuable and necessary MedTech digital product is an AI-powered prosthetic hand designed by Brain Robotics. It’s intended for people who lost their upper limbs to function more quickly during their daily life. Moreover, that device is more affordable for the patients compared to the products offered by the competition. The company’s aim is to make equipment available to as many people as possible. To create the custom sockets, they operate with 3D Printers and scanners. The patient puts his arm into the machine, which reads out a digital model of the remaining part of the arm and then focuses on forming a socket that should be tailored to the rest of the body without any further modifications. The technology of 3D printers enables a more comfortable way of usage, which helps the end-user to wear the prosthesis for a longer period of time. 

What is more, the prosthetic hand is constructed in such a way that every component of it is replaceable. The user isn’t forced to buy full equipment but only the piece of it that is broken. Thanks to that solution, the maintenance costs of the device are much lower. How is technology helpful in that case? 

First of all, the advanced machine learning algorithms, along with the EMG (Electromyography) signals detector enable the user to control the extended arm. Thanks to AI technology, the EMG signals are translated into a more organized, readable, and less dynamic form. An interesting fact about AI is its ability to learn over time. The more an amputee uses his prosthetic hand, the smarter it becomes and the more responsive it is to its owner. 

6 medtech digital products to watch in 2022


InSimo is a MedTech device designed for medical professionals in order to conduct realistic training for surgeries and education. Its aim is to eliminate any possible failures during factual surgeries and to develop the skills of doctors in safe, virtual conditions. InSimo is a simulator that also enables training a great number of surgeons in a short period. It provides different scenarios of challenging situations in a realistic way, thanks to which medical practitioners can learn more effectively. 

Reflexion Edge Concussion Screening

Contrary to popular belief, sport is not only about muscle strength. Skills such as good reflexes, sharpness of mind, peripheral and special awareness, or efficient decision-making are equally important for athletes. Inadequate training of these skills can sometimes result in different concussions. Reflection Edge Concussion Screening is a training and therapeutic service directed towards people doing sports who want to improve their brain abilities and prevent potential injuries or rehab after ones. The device is expected to be the future of neuro-fitness. 

6 medtech digital products to watch in 2022

Hugo™ RAS System

Hugo™ RAS System is a true innovation in the medical device industry. Just like InSimo, it was designed to accelerate the development of medical professionals in conducting surgeries. The apparatus is a robot-assisted surgery platform introduced by the medical technology company called Medtronic. According to industry experts, only 2% of surgeries are held with the assistance of robotic equipment in the world nowadays. A big plus of the system is its modularity – the parts are flexible and movable because they’re settled on wheels. Thanks to those features, the machine is easier to control and steer.


Another innovation introduced to the MedTech market by a biotechnology and diagnostics company from North Carolina is Xilis. Their idea aims to diagnose cancer and provide proper treatment for that disease. Thanks to the high-throughput screening and a wide range of capabilities, the platform can help drug developers improve their solutions. By making multiple 3D replicas of a patient’s tumor in less than a week, they can use them for testing for drug compatibility faster.

6 medtech digital products to watch in 2022


The last but not least medical device provided by the company from the healthcare industry that I’d like to share with you is actiTENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator. It was designed and developed by a group of French MedTech innovators who specialize in the study of pain centers. They discovered and patented a drug-free treatment method for people suffering from pain in their bodies. The device aims to cure patients via electrical pulses sent to the muscles and nerves. ActiTENS is managed by an app connected via Bluetooth. The user can choose from as many as 13 programs in the application, thanks to which he can improve the quality of his everyday life.


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Digital health can make the healthcare industry grow faster and smarter

As you can see, many tools and devices are related to digital health, incorporating healthcare software development services at their core. Some of these innovative solutions are dedicated to diagnostic matters and prevention methods, while others focus on enhancing life performance for individuals who suffer from injuries and pain. Despite the variety of their purposes, all of them are a result of the synergy between the medical industry and technology, designed to make our lives easier and significantly improve our health.