SaaS e-commerce platform with automated live sales and intelligent chatbot communication.

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Kupuje.live is a SaaS platform in Poland that comprehensively supports and automates trade through LIVE sales broadcasts. Our solution enables advanced automatization of sales processes, orders, and payments management, and automated communication between buyers and sellers with the help of an intelligent Chatbot. Our client’s mission is to revolutionize the online retailer market.

The Challenge

Our mission was to support the creation of an IT system with a user-friendly interface for the end customers, who are live sellers. The goal was to help Kupuje.live automate analyzing customer behavior and language during live transmissions, and then provide recommendations to sellers on how to improve their sales performance based on various variables.


We faced a major challenge in integrating with the Facebook platform to retrieve live broadcasts from sellers, as Facebook has strict restrictions on third-party access to its content. However, we are proud to say that we effectively overcame this obstacle and delivered a solution that met our client’s needs and business goals.

szymon, project manager at applover
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Without a doubt, this project was not one of the easy ones, but thanks to an experienced team, we achieved our goal.

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Project Manager at Applover


Development time

Technological Solution

Our goal was to create a platform that consists of 3 parts: an online streaming platform, a module that automates eCommerce activities, and a module for sales behavior analysis and recommendation combined with a business intelligence tool. The solution is innovative because it allows for increasing sales efficiency through recommendations for sellers. It is also beneficial for sellers because of gathering all information about customer preferences through quick surveys which, used in the right way, would improve sales and customer’s experience. As a result, the system identifies and shows pro-sales behavior during the live broadcast.

Technological solution

ruby on rails
Web application for medical research

The Outcome

The greatest value of the project is the consciousness of delivering an IT system that contributes to improving the quality of the environment that we live in. Thanks to the panel we’ve developed, now we’re able to identify new sources of pollution and react to them faster than ever before. Today we can be proud of ourselves for being a software provider of an app that aggregates great amounts of data about dust, temperature, pressure, and air humidity thanks to its stable operation. Despite many challenges during the project, the results are satisfactory both for our client and for us. And above all – for the environment!

Meet our team!

szymon, project manager at applover


Project Manager

bartosz back end dev


Back-end Developer

łukasz, front-end developer at applover


Front-end Developer

julia ux/ui designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

Grzegorz, UX/UI Designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

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