Egis Czas na Lek is a mobile application that facilitates medication management.

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Egis Czas na Lek is a mobile application that facilitates medication management. Its main purpose is to assist in organizing and reminding users to take their medications according to their doctor’s recommendations. 


The Egis Czas na Lek application offers several valuable features. Firstly, users can input their individual medication schedules, including information such as the medication name, dosage, frequency of intake, and planned times. As a result, the application sends reminders to take the medication at specific times, helping to avoid missed doses. 


Egis Czas na Lek also allows users to generate monthly reports of their medication intake. Users can monitor their progress and share this information with caregivers or doctors. 
The application is intuitive and easy to use, available on mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. It also provides additional educational materials in the Guide section.

The challenge

The challenge during developing the Egis Czas na Lek application primarily involved adapting it to diverse and often complex medication dosing schedules. There are numerous ways of taking medications, such as daily, twice daily, three times a day, or irregular dosages, as well as varying intervals between doses. 


The key aspect was to adjust and select appropriate frequencies to enable the support of various medication dosing patterns in the Egis Czas na Lek application. This allows users to easily customize their schedules according to specific medical recommendations, thereby increasing the effectiveness of managing their treatment.

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"Egis Czas na Lek simplifies medication management by offering a user-friendly solution for organizing and tracking dosing schedules. It demonstrates the practical benefits of technology in streamlining healthcare processes and supporting individuals in effectively adhering to their medication routines."

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Development time

Technological solution

Our goal was to create a user-friendly app centered around notifications, which played a crucial role in this case. The app served as a reminder for users to take their medication at the designated time. Hence, it was crucial to establish an efficient notification management system to ensure the timely delivery of reminders. Moreover, we recognized the significance of making our app accessible and intuitive for seniors. We prioritized simplicity, intuitive navigation, and accessibility, employing a user-centered approach and thoughtful design choices.

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The Outcome

Egis Czas na Lek is a useful tool for individuals who need to take medication regularly. With this application, they can effectively manage their treatment, avoiding missed doses, maintaining consistency, and adhering to medical recommendations, all while easily sharing this information with healthcare providers or doctors.     

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