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React Development

React is an open-source JavaScript library that deals with building user interfaces (UI). What is a UI? It’s all the elements that users can interact with on their screens. With React, it’s easy to build apps and websites and can be used anywhere JavaScript is present.

React development

React development is mainly about designing and implementing a website and web application features primarily focused on user experience. It takes knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and transfers it to ReactJS libraries, which are open-source. 

It belongs to the front-end area, as React development manages what is visible to users: the style and appearance of screens. Examples include all the buttons, slide-out menus, gesture-driven interfaces, and voice recognition. 

There are many benefits to using React because digital products built with React are easy to scale, the UI code is understandable and easy to maintain, and the single language used on the server side results in high productivity. 


If you want to learn more about React development, you will be interested in our articles, in which we write more about this fantastic tool! 

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