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Product Design Workshop

When you begin a new product development project, one of the first steps is to define the scope and crystallize a vision. It’s to confront the idea to express any issues that can occur during creating a prototype. Meetings take various forms that have roles depending on the complexity of the product development and can be inspired by design thinking.

Product Design Workshop

One of the workshop’s most critical priorities is the ability to collaborate as a team with the client or a stakeholder to explore desires and aspirations and to meet their vision. It’s also a good time to talk about the features and user experience that will be released soon, as well as the phase that the project team will be following, and eventually – getting to know each other.

It is important to use different resources at the same time. With this consideration, you should sketch and discuss proposals before moving on with technological executions. Make every effort to prepare and consider creating a persona – a character that represents real, living and breathing people who will engage with your product.

Your game-changing concept is just the beginning. Product design is about the development of a product for a company to sell to its consumers. It is an essential part of new product growth. Product design is often confusing with industrial design and has increasingly evolved into a broad concept that encompasses services, software, and physical product design.

The process of product design

A good partnership between developers and designers is essential for effective, timely, and high-quality product delivery. It’s also great to run a workshop including brainstorming. The product design process usually consists of three major components:

  • analysis,
  • concept,
  • synthesis.

We established some critical points that accompany us during the workshops after conducting several project sessions, summarizing the results that we were able to accomplish, and keeping in mind the continual development of our internal processes.

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