Content-driven referral platform: How we elevated user acquisition and engagement.

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Web platform


New Functionalities, Code Refactoring, API/SDK Integration


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Envoy is an innovative company dedicated to revolutionizing the subscription app landscape by focusing on content-driven growth. Their web platform automates content referrals between friends and brands, making it easy to share subscription content and boosting customer acquisition and engagement metrics. By leveraging the power of referrals, Envoy creates a new acquisition, engagement, and retention channel that addresses the challenge of high user acquisition costs.

The challenge

Our client approached us after a previous collaboration with another development team, they left unsatisfied due to quality issues and missed deadlines. The company already had a baseline application in place and needed us to continue developing and refining existing features. The project also required the addition of new functionalities, including link sharing, a comprehensive analytics segment, and converting text-based content.

The dynamic nature of the startup environment led to frequently shifting priorities, and the challenge of working with legacy code added an extra layer of complexity. Our mission was to deliver a robust solution that would both improve the performance of Envoy’s web application and meet their rapidly evolving needs.

szymon, project manager at applover
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It's a great product that can change how subscribers acquisition will look in the near future.

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Project Manager


Development Time

Technological solution

To tackle Envoy’s requirements, our team relied on Python for back-end development and React.js for front-end implementation. Throughout the project, we addressed the issues stemming from the legacy code by refactoring the web application and enhancing its overall performance.

We also successfully integrated new functionalities into the application, including:

  • Debugging legacy code,
  • Documentation page (Integration, API, SDK),
  • Favicon and browser customization for sharing content,
  • Logic and UI for generating links meant for sharing between Users,
  • User Rewards mechanism and UI,
  • Analytics section,
  • Pricing page,
  • Sharing Live content/streaming features,
  • Video player and CTRs,
  • Player for audio content,
  • A comprehensive analytics segment to empower marketing decisions,
  • The ability to generate graphics from text-based content without having advertisements.

Technological Solution


Meet our team!

Maciej Sobczak Back-End Developer


Back-end Developer

Nazar, front-end developer at applover


Front-end Developer

julia ux/ui designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

szymon, project manager at applover


Project Manager

Henrik KarlbergCEO & Co-Founder, ENVOY
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The most impressive aspect of Applover is its ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet both technical and business needs. They demonstrated their expertise working with legacy code and integrated new functionalities into the web application.

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