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Vue.js is a framework that is used to build web applications. It is based on three technologies: 

  • standard HTML,
  • CSS,
  • JavaScript.

As a result, Vue.js can be used to develop even very advanced web applications. Vue.js provides an easy way to integrate the developed software into existing projects. The framework has two key features:

  1. Declarative rendering – Vue.js extends the capabilities of standard HTML and allows you to declarative describe the HTML result based on the state of JavaScript.
  2. Reactivity – the framework automatically tracks JavaScript state changes and updates itself. 

Advantages of Vue.js

Vue.js offers very clear and detailed documentation. An additional plus of the framework is its low entry level. All a developer needs to do is add a script with Vue library code to a regular HTML file. Anyone who knows JavaScript should have no problem with learning Vue quickly. Applications in Vue are based on the Model-View View Model (MVVM). The framework is flexible and needs no environment configuration. It will certainly work well for large and small projects, although you may need to install additional components for larger ones. Vue.js is a tool that developers highly commend around the world, and it has a strong community that is constantly growing.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of using Vue.js to build applications, take a peek at the following articles, in which we share our impressions of this framework!

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