What is it like to be a part of Applover’s team? One of our core values is Team Spirit. We are a team, we play toward one goal and we have a common vibe. We like each other and we like to spend time together. When you are having dinner in the kitchen, someone will surely join you for a laugh together. This is just who we are. 

All this comes naturally and easily thanks to the fact that we meet each other not only in the office, discussing work-related matters, but we also organize integrations and spend after-hours time together. Thanks to a wide range of possibilities, everyone will find their favorite form of activity performed jointly with other teammates.

life at Applover - integrations and after-hours

Through the stomach to the heart

As we all know, one thing that connects people, almost as Nokia used to be, is eating together. 😉 That’s why, from time to time, we meet each other on Thursday morning to eat breakfast together. Of course, we don’t forget about people working remotely – we send them packages with snacks that they can eat with us at an online meeting.

We don’t limit ourselves to choosing the menu! The first edition of Applover’s breakfast was sweet – waffles, fruit, whipped cream, and cotton candy. Another one was aimed at fans of salty and fatty meals – our delicious toasts certainly satisfied the most hungry employees. Another time, after such caloric editions, we decided to take care of the tastes of people who care about their figures and prepared low-calorie jars of oatmeals for that occasion. Eating delicious food and having a chat together = a perfect Thursday morning at work!

life at Applover - integrations and after-hours

However, if you’re more a fan of late-afternoon pizza-eating rather than a healthy breakfast in the morning, here you’ll find something for yourself as well!

Intra-departmental integrations

At Applover, each department has the opportunity to organize its own integration on a quarterly basis, thanks to a dedicated portion of the budget. Most often we order food at the office or we meet at the restaurant after our work to eat, chat, and learn each other better. But eating is not the only activity we do jointly! We also go out together after working hours to play billiards, bowling, paintball, ride go-karts, go to the escape rooms, play board games, and many, many more. Any idea that comes to your mind and that the rest of the team approves of can be realized – the sky is the limit!  

life at Applover - integrations and after-hours

From time to time we also combine different departments and organize a joint integration to get to know better also people from outside our team and strengthen our relationships with each other. Watch our TikTok video to see what such integrations can look like.

Integration trips

From month to month more and more people come to our company. Moreover, a large number of people work only remotely, from various cities in Poland. For this reason, there are relatively few opportunities for interaction between all employees throughout the year. To remedy this, we organize team-building trips at Applover periodically!

Last weekend, we had an integration trip to a beautiful resort by the lake. We had the opportunity to meet our employees from all over Poland who work remotely on a daily basis. For some, it was a chance to see each other offline for the very first time. There were many attractions: canoes, barbecue, outdoor games, and even a party dressed up in the style of a “sanatorium of love”. Even though the trip is over, the memories will stay with us forever.

Whether it’s a trip to the mountains with a campfire, a crime game, hiking in the surrounding area, or a trip to the lake with canoes, a city game, and a costume party – we always have a great time together.

life at Applover - integrations and after-hours

Sports events and tournaments

One of our Slack channels is called “sportowe świry” (meaning “sports freaks”) where all sports fans can discuss the results of the latest tournaments but also arrange their own matches – no matter if it’s about soccer, basketball, volleyball, or other sports, fans of each category will be here. There are also activities for more or less professional runners arranged.

life at Applover - integrations and after-hours

However, considering that we’re an IT company, there must be also digital games tournaments. Every couple of months, some of us meet in the office to organize a meeting of FIFA fans and play battles with each other. Of course, there is also an appropriate food and drink base for that occasion. The players have such great fun that often these meetings last until early morning!


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More reasons to spend time together

Applover’s breakfasts, departmental integrations, trips, and sporting events are not the only opportunities when we can get to know each other better and spend more time together. Sometimes we combine business with pleasure and organize clothing swaps, collections of items for people in need, or make together gift packages for children from the orphanage when Christmas time is coming. All this makes an additional opportunity to get closer to each other, united by a common goal. If you feel you’d love to be part of Applover and our culture, don’t hesitate to check out our current job openings!