Web application for medical research

A web-based application designed to allow platform users to buy medical tests easily.

Web application for medical research
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Our client is a company from the healthcare sector providing medical services. They asked us to build a digital product for them – a web-based application designed to allow platform users to buy medical tests easily. Its goal is to provide comprehensive customer service, but also to provide a simple order processing system for administrators and laboratories. 

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges was to operate a spot schedule based on lab capacity and types of tests. The MVP version of the application consists of several modules to perform such tasks as checking the store’s offerings, making test purchases, checking the history of your results, reading articles about tests, monitoring customers and their orders, managing laboratories and tests (products in the store), managing the capacity of the facility, managing collection points, defining tests performed by a given laboratory, handling ordered tests (changing status, entering results). 

michał kukuł, PML at Applover
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We wanted the app to be easy to use and intuitive. The app we have developed helps organize the results of medical examinations and allows smooth communication between the user and the medical center.

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Project Management Lead at Applover


Development Time

Technological solution

The application provides the highest quality of customer service. For this purpose, we upgraded the app with Amazon S3 storage service, which provides storage and easy access to any amount of data. For efficient communication, we added Mailgun, a service that allows sending emails to users. Mailgun replaces its own SMTP server. For sending SMS, Twilio is in charge. An additional solution we have introduced for the application is downloading the coordinates of the collection points using Google Maps API. This way, the Google Maps API can determine the coordinates of collection points based on the address.

Technological solution

Web application for medical research
Web application for medical research
Web application for medical research

The outcome

The result of our cooperation is an easy-to-use and intuitive web application for the simple purchase of medical tests. The application helps to organize one’s results and enables efficient communication between the person being tested and the laboratories.

Meet our team!

Michał Kukuł, Project Manager at Applover


Project Management Lead

Jakub Siwek, Front-end Developer


Front-end Developer

Joanna Samek Front-end Developer


Front-end Developer

Michał Szkudlarek, front-end dev at applover


Front-end Developer

bartosz back end dev


Back-end Developer

michał, back end developer at applover


Back-end Developer

julia ux/ui designer at applover


UX / UI Designer

Marcin Gawroński Business Analyst at Applover


IT Business Analyst

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