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The Ticketing Co is an all purpose platform for ticketing solutions.

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About product

Web and mobile application

The Ticketing Co was founded in 2006. The platform they have created allows fans of various artistic activities to buy tickets for numerous events such as concerts, festivals or club parties across the United States.

Above all, the platform enables the promotion of events and the management and selling of tickets by producers, sales representatives, agents, artists’ managers and private venues. Therefore, as you can see, the range of functionalities is quite wide.

The challenge

The Ticketing Co approached us in New York City with a wish to create a brand-new platform for their venture. Their aim was to establish a more effective way of researching and purchasing tickets via the website. Equally important was the creation of an app for Android and iOS that helps with the administration of customers’ tickets. 

The project included the creation of a new ticketing platform online, containing data from its predecessor. Furthermore, our task was to create a mobile application in native Android and iOS technologies.

Technological Solution

A thorough analysis of the client’s needs and ideas was required due to the extensiveness of the project. A series of calls and meetings took place, and together we managed to reach a compromise. As soon as The Ticketing Co had approved the colours and mockups of individual screens presented by our UX/UI specialists, we started the development process. We kept in touch with the client regularly, solving technical problems, which occurred more frequently during the data transfer to the newly created platform from the previous one. Data included information such as the list of events, registered users, sales data, etc.


The newly created web platform was written in Vue.js and is supported by a back-end platform programmed in Node.js. The mobile application was programmed respectively with reliable Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

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Find events

Choose from various events, whenever and wherever you like! Enormous choice of different kinds of entertainment. mobile app development case study


A new platform and app for The Ticketing Co. The goal here was to establish a more effective way of researching and purchasing tickets via the website. Equally important was the Android and iOS app, which improves user experience by easy access to the platform. mobile app development case study

Wide selection

Are you an event planner? Add your show to the database! Easy way to promote your event, add all the necessary information so your event is searchable! The mobile application was programmed respectively with reliable Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

The outcome 

Here we are! 

We worked on the project and its implementation for over one year, which illustrates the immensity of the effort we put into the platform. We are highly satisfied with the results. An attractive and above all simple-to-use interface has been created where with only a few clicks an end-user can search for and purchase a ticket for the desired concert. In this case, the usability of the platform has a special value. We all know the feeling when it is too late to buy a ticket to the concert for which we were waiting so eagerly. 

Moreover, we have created The Ticketing Co scanner app whereby whoever posts events on The Ticketing Co has access to the guest list, QR code for the tickets purchased on the platform and many other useful options.

We did not intend to unnecessarily distract end-users of the platform with an excess of colours. It is enough that colourful illustrations advertising individual events stand out from the background. Consequently, we decided to stick with the classic combination of black and white. We are happy that even though we worked 100% remotely with our client, we delivered a valuable product that meets their needs. We managed to get through the whole process with both sides satisfied with the result. We are happy that we could work together with The Ticketing Co and hope for more collaboration in the future!



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Core team

Piotr Sędzik, COO of Applover


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Grzegorz Hudziak, iOS Developer at Applover


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Full-stack Developer

Peter Myszczyński Project Manager at Applover


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