What challenges tech companies are facing in the promotion of a pro-health attitude? How can healthcare technology help overcome them? What are the most important trends in healthtech that will help to promote healthy behaviors in 2023? How else can technology solutions help to promote pro-health behaviors? What is your favorite example of supporting marketing communication using a mobile or web application? Listen to Renata Talarek, CEO and Co-Founder of i-Sport Agency, interviewed by Jan Kamiński. 

How the number 1 sports app for kids in Poland was developed

In the second episode of the “Keep IT Healthy” podcast, we will move away from strictly healthtech companies to explore the intersection of sports, technology, and health, thanks partly to healthcare software development services. Our guest, Renata Talarek, CEO and co-founder of an i-Sport marketing agency, embarked on a new journey after spending several years in the banking sector. She transformed her love for triathlon into a professional career by creating a sports marketing agency. One of the company’s successful ventures is Pho3nix Kids, a kind of online community that is currently the number one sports app for children in Poland,. The application tracks the number of steps taken by children, which are then converted into points, monitors progress and emerging challenges, and allows kids to compare their performance with peers from school, the country, and even the world. The analytics and rankings section enables them to keep track of their progress, demonstrating the versatile applications beyond traditional healthtech realms.

Jan Kamiński & Renata Talarek

Unique perspective on software development and implementation

We will provide you with a unique perspective on software development and implementation from marketing experts who are unfamiliar with healthcare technology. You will gain practical knowledge about critical aspects of creating, developing, improving, and maintaining applications. Additionally, we will discuss the latest technology trends that are promoting healthy behaviors. Renata will share unknown details about implementing and managing IT solutions for schools and sports enthusiasts. Moreover, we will give you an exclusive look at a marketing agency that achieved tremendous success with its app and user base in 2023.

A technology partner that will make your vision come true

We didn’t think about the company as a tech company or as a startup because for us it was a company. As soon as possible we wanted to have first clients so our business approach, sales approach, marketing approach, knowledge, and experience were very huge. But in terms of technology solutions, our knowledge was less than zero even. In eight months we build in fact three components of our company: a web platform application and also something like CSR projects with gamification components. The number of mistakes that we did we expect, and we were sure that our product is the best, we didn’t expect that clients would have different points of view, and we would prepare for all the criticism with technology. There were a lot of other things after launching the platform and the whole ecosystem of our product. We didn’t know what to do because, in fact, we didn’t know if we needed to resolve the problems or if we should continue sales and see what happens.

Renata Talarek, CEO at i-Sport Agency

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