JavaScript is a high-level programming language, one of the oldest. It was created as a website scripting language but it quickly gained popularity and it’s now the most extensively used programming language. It’s also simple to use and learn. Though JavaScript may move quickly, it appears that JavaScript developers move even quicker, since several advances have already seen widespread adoption. For the past six years, Vue and React have ruled the roost. The chances for aspiring open sources and companies continue to develop as the Third Age of JavaScript starts its third year.

Every day, more information is added that may be both informative and amusing. Many channels, websites, and libraries are available. But, in 2022, which of them is the best to follow? You can find here our list of JavaScript experts worth following and learning from.

Video Channels

Dev Ed

Without becoming bored, you can learn web programming, web design, 3d modeling, and tools like Figma. Dev Ed is creating educational videos that will inspire you to be as creative as possible. It’s focused on web development and design. You can learn to develop applications with Node.js or explore animation tutorials on JavaScript animations.

Traversy Media

Traversy Media offers one of the greatest online web development and programming lessons for all of the current web technologies. This goes from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to front-end frameworks like React and Vue as well as server-side technologies like Node.js, Python, and PHP. These courses are project-based and are simple to grasp with no fluff.

The Net Ninja 

On the channel of Net Ninja, you can find over 1000 free programming tutorials not only about modern JavaScript (from the beginner to advanced level) but also Vue, React, and Firebase.


There is always something new to discover on Academind. Max and Manuel developing this channel provide tutorials and courses that cover all aspects of web development. You will find there highly informative tutorials covered with theory on JS and popular frameworks. 



Even though freeCodeCamp is mostly associated as an interactive educational platform, their news site is worth following. There are covered many topics on general development, tutorials, and theory that will help you stay up to date with the development of your JavaScript skills.


You may know Codeacademy as an interactive online platform that provides free coding lessons. A paid “Pro” version is also available on the site, which grants users access to tailored study programs, tests, and actual tasks. But worth following are also Codecademy’s community discussion boards. You get access to the community seeking to grow and develop and it can help you learn to code.

Vue Mastery

Vue Mastery is the ultimate learning resource for Vue.js developers. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or experienced user, their pathways will help you along the way. There are new weekly Vue.js lessons to help you master the language and Vue Mastery donates 25% of earnings to the development of the Vue.js framework.

Digital Ocean

Thousands of tutorials, videos, and answers to queries on a variety of topics are available in the DigitalOcean community. Its community is growing and it’s a great place to keep up with the newest features as the site offers many tutorials on general development in JavaScript.

Applover’s Blog

We also highly recommend some of the blog posts by our top tech experts. If you’re interested in web development, many of the front-end developers working in the team have shared their insights and day-to-day experiences. This includes trends in front-end development for 2022, Vue.js updates, or landing page practices.


Addy Osmani

One of Twitter’s progressive influencers on JavaScript is Addy Osmani, a Google Chrome developer. He is the author of “Learning JavaScript Design Patterns” and uses Twitter to distribute educational resources in multiple formats. His approach to knowledge sharing distinguishes him since his material includes not only cutting-edge trends and JavaScript changes but also the learning process. 

Lea Verou

Lea Verou is a community-minded front-end engineer from Greece who is passionate about open Web standards. She’s given over 100 speeches at online design and development conferences all over the world. She’s also the author of a best-selling CSS book for expert users.

Chris Coyier

You may hear of CSS-Tricks, a website all about building websites, going strong for 10 years. Chris Coyier is the person that built it. He’s a web designer and developer, also the co-founder of CodePen, a playground for front-end web development. It’s a social development environment for front-end designers and developers.

Sarah Drasner

Drasner is a regular speaker and writer who is a member of the core team of VueJS in addition to her position at Netlify. Drasner tweets often on the Vue JavaScript framework and provides helpful advice for aspiring JavaScript programmers.

Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich, the architect of JavaScript and a co-founder of Mozilla, is deserving of your attention because of his significant knowledge and skills, which will be invaluable to JavaScript engineers. Brendan is a top JavaScript influencer who enjoys teaching his technical knowledge in a fun and participatory way.

Axel Rauschmayer

He’s another top-notch JavaScript and TypeScript author but aside from Twitter activity, you may also check out his blog. Axel has been writing about web development and mobile computing since March 2005.

Chris Heilmann

The author of the Developer Evangelism handbook and several books on JavaScript, Heilmann is currently Program Manager at Microsoft. He’s a presenter and also a JavaScript lover you can learn from with his experience of working for Yahoo, Mozilla, and Microsoft, and the scourge of JavaScript fatigue. 

Sara Soueidan

Sara is a design systems engineer that specializes in web user interfaces. She works with corporations and groups to create contemporary, resilient, and inclusive Web user interfaces and design systems, focusing on responsive design, performance, and accessibility. Also, Sara is the author of the Codrops CSS Reference and co-author of a book that covers practical techniques for scalable responsive websites.

Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov is the co-author of Redux. His blog, Overreacted, is where he writes frequently. Dan’s comprehensive and human-centered approach to web development learning sets him apart from his React community peers. Dan’s lessons, which are a little more casual, focus on the human component of software development and soft skills.

Cody Lindley

Cody Lindley is a front-end/JavaScript developer with a background in Flash. He has over 25 years of professional experience dealing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and client-side performance approaches in web development. Currently, he is working at Microsoft as a Principal Software Engineer.

Wes Bos

Bos is not just a fantastic JavaScript developer, but also a fantastic programming educator. In addition to co-hosting the Syntax podcast on web development, he provides a variety of courses. He’s a full-stack developer and professional explainer.


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