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Web Development

Web development is nothing less than the art of creating various websites and web applications. The development process involves all the operations required to build, maintain and manage a website, including updates to ensure the site has good speed, performance, and a quality user experience. The methods of operation in web development are divided into two primary areas: frontend and backend development. 


The front-end is what web users see, and what they can interact with that is any buttons and UX (user experience) elements. The essential tools for working in the front end are HTML (which is responsible for the structure of the site), JavaScript (which makes the site work), and CSS (accountable for the look of the site).


The user needs to see the back end after entering the site. The internal mechanism makes everything run smoothly. The backend connects site components such as the front-end, databases, and servers. The essential tools of the backend are Java, Python, Ruby, C+, and PHP.

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