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At Applover, our approach to software development projects often involves time and material (T&M) contracts. This type of contract, contrasting with fixed-price contracts, allows for flexibility and adaptability. In a time and material contract, the contractor charges clients based on the hourly rate of labor and the cost of materials.

Understanding Time and Material contract vs. Fixed Price contract

Time and material contracts offer an alternative to fixed-price contracts. While a fixed-price contract is based on a lump sum for the entire project, a time and material contract may vary based on the actual work done. This is particularly beneficial when the scope of work is not well-defined or is expected to evolve.

The benefits of Time and Material contracts in software development

In software development, time and material contracts are often preferred due to their flexibility. As projects often evolve, the time and material model allows adjustments without the need for renegotiating the entire contract. This approach ensures that clients only pay for the time spent and materials used.

Why choose a Time and Material contract with Applover?

Choosing a time and material contract with Applover means choosing a partnership that values transparency and adaptability. Our clients appreciate the clarity that comes with an hourly rate and a detailed account of material costs. Plus, this model allows for ongoing adjustments and refinements in the project, ensuring the final product truly aligns with the client’s needs.

The Time and Material approach: Aligning with client expectations

Our time and material approach is designed to align closely with our client’s expectations and project requirements. By opting for a time and material contract over a fixed-price contract, our clients benefit from a more tailored and responsive service, especially useful in dynamic and complex software development projects.


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