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Team Augmentation

In an unpredictable and evolving world, the need for specialist IT services is increasing. The rapid growth in the usage of contract employees through companies worldwide is one of the most important developments in today’s market. That’s why an in-house team is no longer needed for software development.

Team Augmentation

Team augmentation, also known as staff augmentation, is a versatile outsourcing approach used to staff a project. It’s the temporary use of outside engineers to supplement the organization. It allows you to recruit tech experts from across the world to control the augmented workforce. They can be hired for short or long-term collaboration.

Staff augmentation blends the advantages of outsourcing with in-house recruitment, enabling businesses to easily recruit talented programmers. It fills holes in tasks that are in line with company goals. You only need specialists to perform specific tasks and you don’t have to hire new employees permanently. It also means that this strategy is not suitable for long-term projects. 

However, this type of outsourcing is becoming more popular as a result of an excess of IT capital, decreasing prices, and shrinking margins for businesses that use these services. The augmentation model is flexible – it’s easy to immediately decrease resources if necessary and it’s cost-effective on staffing or project management. 

Staff Augmentation vs Dedicated Team

In both models, development team recruitment and work are the responsibility of the service provider. In the augmentation service, you add people to your team based on a project. However, dedicated teams are typically managed by a vendor. With staff augmentation, the project management is under your control.

When you choose a staff augmentation service, assure the remote developers know the impact of being a part of your local team. Investigate if they have experts who can assist you in effective collaboration with your staff.

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