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React Native

React Native (known as RN) is a Facebook framework from 2015 and was originally released as an open-source project in response to a major technology bug encountered. Within a short period of time, it has grown incredibly and allowed web developers to significantly speed up the process of building mobile apps. React Native is based on React.js, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UI). Instead of a browser, it is designed for mobile platforms. Using JavaScript code, React Native provides a simultaneous way to build applications across platforms on both Android and iOS, using native UI elements.

One codebase, many development possibilities

The obvious advantage of developing apps in React Native is the existence of a single code for multiple platforms, making it possible to go beyond iOS or Android. Using React Native means huge savings in time and resources. In addition, thanks to React Native front-end developers who previously worked only with web technologies can easily create production-ready applications for mobile platforms. 

Above all, React Native focuses on building both a quality user and development experience on mobile devices, making it a suitable option for apps that require high responsiveness and an intuitive user experience that many companies appreciated.


To learn more about the React Native framework, see the blog posts below.

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