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React Native Development

React Native is an open-source framework that was released in 2015 by Facebook. It allows the creation of Android, iOS, and Web apps with a single code. Combining native development with a powerful JavaScript library, React Native has quickly become one of the favorite choices for many developers. 

Why choose React Native development?

Saving time and resources

Choosing to rely on cross-platform development, you don’t need to hire multiple people, as one person can write a code base that even 99% of applications can share with each other. This is a definite advantage, for start-ups that care about releasing a quality product quickly. What’s more – if you want to change something in your app, you can do it without asking users to update it.

Connecting with native code

React Native allows you to rewrite your app from native to cross-platform technology. This is a great benefit for entrepreneurs who would like to add value to their native apps, or simply develop their mobile apps without a huge redesign – it works both ways!

Expanded community

With millions of committed users and Facebook support, React Native allows you to use countless ready-to-use solutions that greatly improve the process of building a product. There is a good chance that the problems encountered have already been solved by someone else. As a result, developers using React Native do not have to start projects from scratch and work more effectively.


Over the years, React Native has developed its performance to the point that it often outperforms native apps. This is a great advantage because thanks to it, RN can handle even very advanced applications. 


React Native is currently used by such mobile app giants as Instagram, Uber Eats, and (of course) Facebook. Want to know more about the advantages of React Native development? Check out our publications!


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