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Project Management

Project management is implementing procedures, strategies, skills, knowledge, and experience to accomplish particular project goals within agreed parameters according to project acceptance criteria. The management of projects has final deliverables that are limited to a finite time and budget. Project management consists of working in the process mode, i.e., operational. It is a discipline that integrates all issues related to project execution.

A critical aspect that differentiates project management from just ‘management’ is that, unlike executive, that is an ongoing phase. It has this final deliverable and a finite period. A project professional requires a broad range of skills because of this; also technological and management skills for people, and sound business knowledge.

Stages of the project

To efficiently manage a project, one usually goes through all the stages of the process, which are: project initiation, planning, plan implementation, supervision over the performance of assigned duties, completion of the project. Skillful project management also means having an appropriate level of knowledge in this area and using proper techniques and methods (depending on the type of project).

Project management methods

Project management methods are rules that determine how to proceed in a given situation, what measures to take, and what conditions to meet to achieve the objectives. It manages people – their time, matching appropriate competencies to a given stage of the project, or monitoring the duration of individual steps and keeping deadlines. There are many project management methods, such as Agile, Prince2, MPBok, Scrum, TenStep, and many more.

Project Manager

A project manager is a person who manages the entire project process. Its role is to select a group of people who will implement the whole project. The project manager then distributes the tasks and supervises the quality of the execution of individual stages or the timeliness. The project manager is responsible for the full effect of the realized project and must be active during its creation stages.

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