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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a type of application software that are designed to run on mobile devices such as a smartphone. Apps are individual software units that have limited functionality and serve to provide similar services to those of a PC. 


What are the mobile apps?


Each app has isolated and limited functionality. Despite this, mobile apps still often provide a very high standard of service and user experience, and their nature of not being multitasking products is positively received by users who can individually customize the capabilities of their device to meet their needs. 


Applications are divided into native and web applications. 


  • Native apps are developed for a specific mobile operating system (iOS, Android). They are usually very powerful and feature a well-developed user experience and interface (UX/UI). Native apps can only be downloaded from app stores and installed directly on devices.


  • Web apps are run through a browser. This means they require minimal device memory, but also a stable connection. Web applications are launched by the browser, and the user is redirected to a specific website. All information is stored on the server. They are usually written in CSS, HTML5 or JavaScript.


Applications are divided into many types such as gaming, business and productivity, lifestyle, educational, m-commerce or travel applications. Their capabilities are developing rapidly and offering more and more.


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