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Mobile apps are making it easier to do everyday things – including those related to health. For healthcare, digitalization opens up a slew of new opportunities, including costs savings, increased efficiency, and management. When smaller and bigger enterprises collaborate, digital health technology has the potential to enhance many aspects of people’s lives.

What does mHealth mean?

Mobile health (mHealth) is an acronym for the assisting of mobile devices in medicine and public health. The mHealth area has arisen as a sub-segment of eHealth, which is the use of ICT (information and communication technology) for health services and information. In a broad sense, it enables users to be mobile or communicate in several ways.

What is mHealth used for?

mHealth relates to medical and peri-medical applications. Phone solutions can serve a variety of purposes, including general medical care as well as specialized ailments or health prevention. As a result, they include both:

  • Mobile solutions for medical institutions and systems (e,g, appointments, and test results), 
  • Applications for operating equipment (e.g. blood pressure monitors),
  • Applications for healthy lifestyle monitoring.

Is it worth investing in mHealth apps?

The popularity of mHealth solutions should not be underestimated. We want to have our health (literally) at our fingertips, on a smartphone, just like we do in other parts of our lives. It is a convenient method of monitoring results when used in conjunction with medical equipment.


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