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eCommerce Development

E-commerce development is designing and building websites dedicated to buying products online. E-commerce development involves executing a plan to make the backend and front end. In addition to the fixed areas of building websites, e-commerce development also includes checkout systems, payment processing, and support pages. 

Stages of e-commerce development

The process of developing an e-commerce website consists of several stages, which may differ depending on the scope and needs of the company.


  1. Defining the brand means determining aspects such as brand identity, target audience, and domain name. 


  1. Buying the domain name. The URL must be easy to remember and attractive.


  1. Choosing a hosting platform. Some offer a pre-built option, that is, website designs optimized for both desktop and mobile browsing. 


  1. Website design. At this stage, it is worth paying attention to the layout of an easy-to-navigate store, which will have intuitive product search and purchase options. 


  1. Site construction and launch. At this stage, you can help with platforms such as Shopify or build your site yourself with the help of experienced developers. 


  1. Maintaining the site, that is, taking care of updates and implementing improvements to ensure that the site is always friendly to its users.


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