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The Apple App Store is a digital distribution network where digital apps and applications can be bought and downloaded by people. Software tools that provide an operating system with additional functionality are apps. 


How the Apple App Store Works?

You can access all Apple items by pressing the Apple Store app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It helps you to search for articles and gadgets from Apple, read customer feedback, find retailers from the Apple Store, keep up with the latest store events, and schedule Genius Bar and meetings in person.

App Store Features:

  • Check for new and featured items from Apple
  • Purchase items from the broad collection of the Apple Online Store
  • Search for the latest accessories and software
  • Read customer reviews and get answers to your product questions
  • Seeking worldwide Apple Store retailers
  • Arrange Genius Bar and in-person meetings
  • Register for workshops and events at your favorite Apple Store retailer


Apps development in App Store

Any developer can develop apps, but they must be licensed by Apple to be sold in the App Store. App publishers must apply their application to a review process, comply with Apple’s rules and criteria, and fulfill several prerequisites. Specific basic requirements include:

  • Having the app’s App ID or device identifier. 
  • Obtaining a distribution license that allows an app developer to create a profile for provisioning. 
  • Creating an iOS high availability profile via the App Store to deliver an app. 
  • Settings of the house. 
  • Setting a target for deployment. 

Developers should also consider necessary details such as names, availability and pricing, metadata, and reviews.

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