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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that aims to achieve the best possible position of a website in free (organic) search results for selected phrases and keywords. Placing at the top of the search engine listings (SERPs) allows you to increase your website’s popularity, increasing the number of entries, building brand recognition, or increasing revenue from the sale of services or products.

What does SEO optimization affect? 

Search Engine Optimization may include:

  • text content (length of articles, their titles, keywords),
  • site structure (elements of navigation, information architecture)
  • technical and visual layer, as well as usability (speed of the site, responsiveness, proper selection of subheadings, moderate use of advertisements)
  • link profile (i.e., a set of links leading to the site from other sites on the Internet).

Off-page SEO and On-page SEO

We can divide SEO factors into those related to the site itself (on-page) and those off-page. The different factors also interact with each other, and various combinations should be considered. Moreover, factors depending on the niche (specific keyword) can have extra weight and importance.

Significant groups of on-page SEO factors:

  • content – content (mainly, but not only, text content; often strictly SEO texts created for this purpose)
  • architecture (arrangement of content on the page, links between resources)
  • HTML (page structure, of course not only in HTML)

Significant groups of off-page SEO factors

  • links pointing to the site
  • domain trust (e.g., related to the server, domain age, social media signals)

As part of an internet marketing strategy, the goal of SEO is to predict the response of search engines to user queries and the keywords they use. Optimizing a website can be achieved by, among other things, developing unique content, adjusting the site’s code to increase its relevance for specific keywords, and eliminating obstacles to indexing the site by search engines.

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