How to sell your products efficiently through a mobile app? Just having it may not be enough. If you want to achieve success in mobile commerce, gain more customers and attract the attention of your target group, you have to include some vital features. Which of them is of paramount importance? Let me show you a few examples.

1. Product presentation – images or videos

One of the most crucial aspects that you have to take into account if you provide online shopping in your e-commerce is high-quality photos. First of all, it implicates the high quality of your products, which increases the potential to sell them. Moreover, you show respect to your customers. Most people are visual learners, that’s why the high quality of your products’ pictures is so significant. It’s vital to show the product from many different perspectives, which can dispel many doubts of your potential clients before the purchase. It seems to be a very insignificant issue but in fact, it can accelerate the selling process in the end. By multiplying it by thousands of consumers, you save a lot of time and money resources. In that case, such aspects as good lighting, clean background, and professional photographic equipment shouldn’t be neglected. If you don’t provide any photos of your products at all, then you should seriously consider that matter. Consumers usually don’t trust and pay attention to the products that they cannot see.

If you can display your product in a short video, it’s even better. Demonstrate it creatively then! You can introduce a few unconventional ways of using your product. See examples of promotional videos of companies selling bandanas and showing different ways to put them on:

Open your clients’ minds and move their imagination! Maybe they have never even thought about some of the uses for your product!

2. Social media integration and a user profile

Nobody likes a long registration process when they do mobile shopping. It requires much time and effort from the user, and that often makes them discouraged. That’s why it’s worth enabling social media integration in your mobile application, which also brings some benefits to you as well. First of all, people will register to your app more eagerly because it’s easy and saves a lot of their time. Moreover, they will be able to share their favorite products from your shopping app on their social media profiles. That’s a great opportunity for you because it’s the most authentic form of marketing and it’s also free. 

3. Discounts and sales

Introducing discounts and promotions is a very beneficial strategy to attract many customers and boost the development of your app, especially at the beginning. It’s also kind of a win-win situation because the consumers can buy your products for a lower price than usual and at the same time, your potential client base is growing. You can also allow them to receive some push notifications about current promotions on their mobile devices, best if you’ll also set a specific deadline for it because people are more likely to buy something when the occasion is only temporary. They simply don’t want to miss such an opportunity.

4. Personalization

Nowadays personalization is becoming more and more popular when it comes to offering products and services. Products that are well fitted to a specific person fulfill their needs better and leave them with a higher level of satisfaction. In the long-term that also creates deeper loyalty between the consumer and the brand. One way to do it is for example gathering information about the users’ gender, age, or current location and then displaying on their smartphones customized products based on these data. Thanks to that, there is a higher probability that they will get exactly what they want and need. The better you know your target audience, the more you can provide them with tailored experiences. Personalization helps brands to stand out from the competition. 

5. Intuitive navigation

An app that is too complicated to use will lead the user to confusion and misunderstanding. From the perspective of an entrepreneur, the complexity of the application may be a sign of its advancement, but from the shoppers’ point of view, if it’s not easy enough to navigate through the application, it’s not worth their effort and attention. The simpler the app is, the better. People often resign from the purchase when the process is too long or difficult to go through. 

6. Augmented Reality

Another way of standing out from the crowd with the help of mobile app features is the usage of Augmented Reality in order to present the product more engagingly and interactively. It allows the user to see a given thing in a real context. It’s worth investing in that feature because it will pay off after some time. The shopping experience becomes more conscious and this results in fewer returns and complaints in the end. 

7. Easy, safe, and varied payment process

One of the most often repeatable reasons for an abandoned basket during the checkout is the complex payment process – for example, the shopping cart button is hard to find or the further steps are troublesome. Moreover, you have to ensure your clients that buying your products online is a safe procedure since they entrust you with their sensitive data. You should also provide the possibility of choosing many different payment methods as well as many ways of delivery. The customer who has come a long way to the purchasing stage and noticed that their preferred payment method is not available, leaves your shop disappointed. They will probably never get back anymore.

8. Delivery tracking

An option to track your order is valuable for the buyers, builds their loyalty and trust. If one of your company’s values is transparency, then that feature is a must-have. Take care also of the possible quickest delivery times. You’ll be perceived as a professional and trustworthy seller.


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The year 2022 is coming and now you know what to pay attention to if you’re preparing to develop or set up an app store! Remember about getting into the perspective of your audience and considering what they want, need, and value. Don’t underestimate the visual aspect of presenting your products. Make sure that people visiting your app feel safe leaving their money at your store and feel respected when it comes to the required effort and time to make a purchase. If you take care of it, they will come back to you more than once!