⁠Which of sports and training experiences do you consider crucial in running your business? What is your greatest success in business? How much consistence, how much skill, and how much luck is in success? How to get customers interested in our products or services? How to find partners and create a team? What is the biggest obstacle to success? What is the best way to scale your business? Listen to Iñaki de la Parra, successful sportsman and businessman, growth and scaling expert.

In the third episode of the “Keep IT Healthy” podcast, we will focus on business development and scaling. Our guest, Inaki de la Parra, was supposed to become the next CEO of the family business but decided to develop a career as a professional triathlete. In addition, he has been growing jai alai pelotari for over 10 years, has been a professional Muay Thai fighter for over 5 years, and has been involved in motor racing as a driver and instructor.

The companies he developed specialize in: solutions that enhance retail, distribution & manufacturing towards a data-driven business & AI approach, technologically advanced projects, extracting business value from big datasets in a fast and easy implementation to retailers, sustainable and ecological construction, exercise intelligence system for optimized training, performance and recovery, prefabricated houses, customizable, with a strong promise of sustainability, and… nutritional services for clinical nutrition, fitness & sport.

Inaki de la Parra

“The ability to sustain sustainable growth is much more important than the urgent need to destroy everything and everyone. It’s about being humble and open to learning from others and your own mistakes”.

Iñaki de la Parra

In addition to developing and advising more companies in different countries, he is the former president and co-founder of Fundación Donar VIDA AC, created in September 2010 to promote the culture of organ donation. He studied Chemical Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana, MBA at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México and Master in Global Management at Tulane University. He developed his business career in the food and consumer products industry. In addition, he trained beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes in Mexico and Poland. He combines his business experience and know-how with a deep understanding of information technologies.

You will learn how his experiences from the world of sports influenced his person and approach to business by listening to the entire episode on https://applover.com/podcast/