As is well known, nowadays one of the most important pillars of a prospering brand is customer satisfaction and customer experience. In the era of digitization, companies in the design process of their websites, mobile applications, or other mobile solutions must primarily take into account the reception by the customer. Modern solutions and advanced technology allow the service provider to meet the expectations of their clients and their needs in an even better and more accurate way. In the article below, you will know what you should focus on in order to ensure the maximum level of satisfaction for people using your services and the certainty that they will come back to you. In 2022, there are several analytics tools and technologies that will help increase customer satisfaction and meet customer expectations.

Chat live

In a situation where you need to confront ambiguities with the customer or need advice about a product, the fastest and most convenient option is to use the live chat option. This technology will save time and efficiently take the next steps in the work process for the clients. Live chat can significantly increase the level of communication and the feeling of being in control of the situation. The live chat option can be used both on websites, but it will also work for companies that have a mobile application. In this way, you will provide people interested in your services or products with customer service at the highest level.

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The undeniable trend of 2022 is the option of joint browsing and control of content on the Internet by several users at the same time. During the coronavirus pandemic, this tactic became extremely popular among teachers and students or during teamwork projects in offices, due to the lack of personal interaction between team members and clients. 

The co-browsing option will work perfectly in a situation, for example, if you need to guide the client through a process with which he has a problem on the website. Traditional communication tools only allow you to talk or communicate via messages. Thanks to joint browsing, the customer’s waiting time will be significantly shortened, you will overcome the problem and the one that arises much faster and more efficiently, and the customer will easily learn how to act in a given situation.

Use of Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that is used to store and transmit information in a distributed model – without a central database. Blockchain can revolutionize the approach of companies to building customer engagement, as well as shape the business models of companies. So far, this technology is not yet used by companies on a large scale, because the biggest obstacle to blockchain implementation is the complex rules and regulations associated with it, as well as difficulties with identifying and analyzing data.

Mobile solutions

For many customers, the possibility of mobile access to all solutions is of great importance. It is worth deciding to create a mobile application that will provide the most important information but also provide customers with interaction with your service or product. Thanks to the mobile application, customers will be much more engaged and their satisfaction level will increase.

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Social media 

In the era of digitization, social media isn’t the trend for 2022, but it is undeniably the greatest asset of our whole time. Using them can provide many benefits to both the company and its customers. Social media is a place for constant communication and interaction with the client. With the help of blogs, texts, videos, photos, graphics, webinars, guides, or other engaging content, companies can contact their recipients and provide them with the latest information about their activities. In addition, activities in social media allow you to create and maintain a customer base as well as thoroughly understand their needs and analyze trends, interests, and problems. The use of technology such as social media allows you to provide recipients with the feeling that they can confront their problems directly with a representative of the company.

 Analytics tools

In order to be able to improve customer satisfaction, it is essential to know who they are. This can be made possible by analytical tools that will allow you to specify the needs and behavior of customers. Analytical programs can also help to identify bottlenecks and make the necessary changes or check which products on the website are most popular among users. Monitoring customer data makes it possible to define the target group and personalize products to their needs.


Another customer experience trends are chatbots that offer great opportunities in any business. This new technology makes it possible to provide automation of customer support at any time. Modern trends allow for the creation of various forms, adapted to the needs of the client and the industry. Thanks to chatbots, it is possible to personalization of solutions for the client, take care of the client in the event of a problem, suggest a specific product or service to the client, and obtain customer feedback. In 2022, all companies should think about introducing this tool into their activities.

Digital transformation of business

With full conviction, we can say that customer satisfaction is (or should be) one of the main and most important pillars of both small, medium, and large companies. Satisfied, comprehensively serviced clients and those whose problems have been resolved efficiently and immediately will remain loyal and will certainly come back to use the services or products offered by the company again. It is imperative to realize that new technologies can help anticipate customer needs, increase business efficiency and leave only a good impression on the customer experience. Wise use of them in the right place and time will save time, become more innovative compared to the competition, and increase the brand’s revenue. The beginning of the new year 2022 may turn out to be a good time for digital transformation, ensure customer satisfaction and support the team’s work thanks to the implementation of the above solutions.


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