As the setting sun bathed the city of Wrocław in golden light on the 17th of May, 2023, a vibrant community of Flutter enthusiasts was gathering for the much-anticipated Flutter Wrocław Meetup x Applover vol. 4. And it’s been an absolute privilege to foster this hub of Flutter tech-talks and knowledge-sharing sessions! This year, our spotlight shone on Szymon Mazanik, Krzysztof Krasiński-Sroka, and Teresa Wu, who captivated the audience with their in-depth Flutter presentations.

So, what’s the Flutter scoop this time? Let’s dive right into the event recap!

GDG Wrocław and Applover powering the Flutter Community

For the fourth consecutive time, the collaboration between GDG Wrocław and Applover created a platform where developers and technologists from diverse backgrounds could collaborate to share their expertise, learn from each other, and foster the thriving Flutter community. Flutter, the cross-platform framework known for its versatility and ease in overcoming mobile app development challenges, was the star of the show, illuminating the path for new and experienced developers alike.

We assembled once more at the Concordia Design, Wrocław. This creative hub in the heart of Słodowa Island is an ideal backdrop for the sparks of innovation that Flutter ignites. The Flutter Wrocław Meetup’s continued success is a testament to Flutter’s ascendancy in the app development world. It’s the go-to for startups and developers seeking a single codebase solution for iOS and Android platforms.

As with our past events, Flutter enthusiasts could join us on-site or tune in online through Facebook and YouTube live streams. For the first time, we held the event in English, being available to everyone around the globe. The hybrid nature of our meetup continues to attract familiar faces and first-timers alike, fueling our motivation to orchestrate future events.

Unpacking the knowledge of Flutter Wrocław Meetup x Applover vol. 4 

The Flutter Wrocław Meetup Vol. 4 was brimming with actionable insights and fascinating talks on Flutter technology. The series of presentations by industry experts provided deep insights into various aspects of Flutter, from modular applications to shaders and building desktop applications.

Modular Flutter Applications: Splitting Your Project into Packages

Szymon Mazanik, Flutter Lead at Applover, kicked things off by unraveling the intricacies of modular Flutter applications. He explored the merits of splitting your Flutter project into packages, showcasing how it can enhance scalability, maintainability, and foster better team collaboration.

Introduction to Shaders in Flutter

Next, Krzysztof Krasiński-Sroka, Google Developer Expert, took us on a journey into the world of Fragment Shaders. He answered burning questions like “What are they?”, “How do you use them?” and “What can you achieve with them in Flutter?” broadening our understanding of rendering limits in Flutter beyond the Paint API.

Flutter on Desktop: end to end from build to distribution

Last but not least, Teresa Wu, VP Engineer at J.P. Morgan, took the stage to demonstrate the process of building a desktop application using Flutter. She provided an end-to-end overview, including navigation handling, state management, and API calls. Moreover, she shared insights on application distribution across macOS, Linux, and Windows, offering a comprehensive guide for crafting your first desktop application.

Networking and future anticipation with Flutter Community in Wrocław

The evening drew to a close with a heartfelt thank you to the attendees, speakers, and organizers, but the conversations sparked during the event continued into the night during the networking session. There was a palpable sense of anticipation for future meetups, as the event also introduced many newcomers to the world of Flutter.

As we anticipate the next Flutter Wrocław Meetup, we extend our deepest thanks to everyone who participated in the event for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and commitment to learning and growth. The most active participants who walked away with prizes deserve a special mention – your engagement and passion make these events so special!

Catch up with Flutter Wrocław Meetup x Applover vol. 4

We are humbled by the continued success of the Flutter Wrocław Meetup and immensely grateful to all contributors. If you missed the event or wish to revisit the insightful talks, don’t worry! You can watch the recording on the Facebook event page and YouTube GDG Wrocław. Stay tuned for more Flutter insights, and see you at the next Flutter Wrocław Meetup!