We are after the first Flutter Wrocław Meetup event, which was co-organized with Applover! Our top tech experts talked about audio and video as well as platform channels in Flutter. This is currently the most popular cross-platform framework so we’re glad that we could share our experience with it. Wrocław Meetup took place on February 16, 2022, in Applover’s headquarters and was streamed live. It was also the first GDG’s Flutter Meetup of 2022! How did it go and what you can learn from it? Here you will find all the answers.

GDG Wrocław partnership with Applover

GDG is a local community-run meetup for developers interested in resources and technology from Google Developers. You meet there the developers as well as technologists in your area. Everyone is welcome, including people from all backgrounds and various sectors.

When it comes to Flutter, this framework makes it simple to overcome a lot of challenges that come during the development of mobile apps. Not without reason, Flutter has quickly become a popular choice not only among IT companies but also developers that are trying to develop cross-platform iOS and Android native apps.

By the partnership, we could give back to the community by supporting others in their learning and development of skills. We were excited to see that so many of our attendees were newcomers and that they would love to see more. Even though the meetup was held in the hybrid model (including participants at our office as well as online), we could meet new Flutter developers and technologists.

Meetup talks by Applover’s Flutter experts

During the meetup, our speakers presented their knowledge and shared their experience in animation, audio and video, and Typesafe platform channels.

Typesafe platform channels – a simple way to secure communication

The Flutter Wrocław Meetup started with a talk from Kamil Chmiel, Flutter Developer at Applover. Communication between Dart and native code is an integral part of many projects created with Flutter. Despite the available solution, the “platform channel” is not perfect and can cause many problems. However, we could see that there are solutions that can make working with native code easier and, above all, make communication safer.

Audio and video in Flutter

The next speaker was Szymon Mazanik – Flutter Leader at Applover. He has over 4 years of experience and started as an Android Developer, but quickly discovered the possibilities of this Google framework. Audio and video files are an integral part of the most popular applications on the market. We could see if Flutter, with the support of community-developed packages, can handle the challenge of playing existing and creating new videos and sounds.

Animation methods in Flutter

Flutter has gained immense popularity due to its ease of building graphical interfaces and incomparable speed of application development. It also has an extremely powerful animation engine in store. In this presentation by Dominik Roszkowski, you could learn how to design and create basic as well as slightly more advanced animations. You could learn techniques for creating simple microinteractions, navigation transitions, and physics-based simulations. You could also learn clever ways to avoid using the Animation Controller in your widgets if you don’t like it.


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Flutter’s dev community is growing and each day there’s something new that may be both informative and amusing. We want to thank everyone who helped in organizing the event as well as the participants on that day. If you couldn’t be with us, don’t worry! You can watch the recording on our Facebook and YouTube. And there’s definitely more to come – see you in June! 😉