HealthTech is one of the fastest growing branches of the technology industry. There will likely be some difficulties in the beginning stages of developing a digital health product’s first version at your startup. The stakes are high because human lives and health are at risk. As a result, there are restrictions on the market entry of new digital products in this sector. But don’t worry!

In our recent webinar, we shared knowledge that we have developed after years of experience while working on HealthTech digital products. What will you learn from it?

  1. Intro to HealthTech – popular product types
  2. Drivers for healthtech product innovation
  3. UX elements of healthtech products
  4. AI and data in healthtech product development
  5. External integrations in the healthtech world
  6. Challenges of healthtech product development
  7. Regulations in healthtech field
  8. Recent trends and innovation

An introduction to HealthTech development

HealthTech vs. MedTech

HealthTech, as defined by the World Health Organization and others, is “the application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, drugs, vaccines, procedures, and systems developed to solve health problems and improve quality of life“.

On the other side, MedTech is a subset of healthtech that focuses specifically on medical solutions, whether software, hardware, or more systemic (e.g., those that aid in managing medical facilities) care for patients.

HealthTech product types

The healthcare industry is highly competitive since human health is an issue that affects every individual on Earth. And there is a constant influx of cutting-edge healthcare startups. Among available HealthTech solutions you may usually find:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR),
  • Telemedicine software,
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM),
  • E-prescriptions software,
  • Medical diagnosis software,
  • Appointment booking software,
  • Health tracking apps,
  • Medical billing software.

Challenges of HealthTech product development

Usually, you will find information about dealing with many data security compliances and regulations. Of course, you need to know that depending on the country, there are a few different categories of the rules like HIPAA, GDPR, or DPA. But that’s not all. When developing a HealthTech digital product, there are more challenges to overcome:

  • Understanding the stakeholders,
  • Meeting consumer expectations,
  • Security of medical records,
  • Various regulations,
  • Interface with older systems,
  • Innovation.

It’s good to be aware of that challenges as it’s the first step to overcoming them. The potential for technology to enhance people’s time as patients are limitless.

Do you want to find out more about HealthTech development?

Our top tech expert, Marcin Gawroński, will tell you not only about recent trends and drivers for innovation in the field of HealthTech software development services but also about the crucial UX elements of such products and the role of AI and data in this industry.

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